One Amazing Woman: Shauna is a truly remarkable woman who is spoken so highly about

There is a lot to be said about Shauna. She is a wonderful mother, an awesome sister, a great friend and a devoted girlfriend. She does everything for everyone in her life, and she is always there.

In everything Shauna does, she does through hard work and with excellence. She puts her best foot forward each and every day, and her maximum effort throughout all areas of life is something special.

“Over the years I’ve seen Shauna excel at a great career while coaching her son’s sports teams,” her sister Shalene said. “I’ve seen her learn new skills in order to do so. She makes time for everyone, especially our mom and Bill, while maintaining a very busy schedule that could fill two chalkboards. She always takes time to reflect and enjoy. I’ve learned she is determined and awesome!”

What makes Shauna really stick out is the fact that she is constantly there for others, but Bobby would like to remind her to slow things down sometimes. Taking some time to yourself is important, and he hopes Shauna remembers this.

What is also seen in Shauna is her ability to love her son unconditionally. She is there for Finn in every situation, and he definitely loves getting to call her Mom.

“She means the world to me because she always helps me with homework,” Finn said. “She loves me a lot and takes me to fun places – arcades, batting and soccer cages, shark spotting. She loves us both a lot.”

Finn’s name came in part from Shauna’s love for Great White Sharks, which explains why they got shark spotting together, but more importantly, Finn not only sees the love his mom pours out on him every day, but also the love she pours out over her longtime boyfriend Bobby. She shows her son what a strong relationship looks like, and it is something she hopes he models after one day.

There are so many other areas of motherhood that Shauna is a role model for too. She is always there for her son, and the way she treats him and nourishes him is something a lot of people appreciate.

“She is a great mom,” Bobby said. “She’s the sweetest girl I have ever met. She’ll bend over backwards for Finn and his friends.”

Shauna’s son comes first. Always. And that is something Bobby is more than okay with.

Bobby loves seeing just how close Shauna and Finn are, and how tight their bond is. They love spending ample time together, and she truly would do anything for her son.

“I love to play different sports with her,” Finn said. “We have a hockey table, foosball table, axe throwing and darts in the basement. We watch TV together too – wrestling, Celtics, Young Rock and Shark Week.”

When they are not playing or watching sports together, Shauna can be found coaching Finn’s basketball team to a championship victory. She really does do anything for him, and she definitely loves going to Celtics games and wrestling events with him… even with Paul Pierce being retired.

On top of spending as much time as she can with her boy, Shauna does make a lot of time for Bobby as well. As mentioned before, she makes that a special relationship, and it is noticed by a lot of people.

“Relationships work similarly between couples that succeed,” Shalene said. “When hobbies like travel and boating make for fun times and family laughs. Or when dreams are shared and accomplished together, although stressful, like building a dream home and growing as a family like Shauna and Bobby.”

Not only does Shauna cherish her relationship with Bobby, but with everyone else all around her as well. She cares so much about her friends and family, and she is completely selfless and committed to others.

“She always does what other people want and not what she wants,” Finn said. “She does stuff to make other people happy.”

“Her inspiring personality makes everyone else around her better people and she lights up every room she enters,” Bobby added.

The way Shauna treats others is very important and it is amazing to see, and it is one of the many reasons why she is so loved and cherished by everyone. She makes the lives of everyone around her better, and she is one of a kind.

Plus, Shauna has a passion for all things Disney, especially the forthcoming Disney cruise which is her favorite, and this is something people love about her too. She is passionate about everything, and she loves with all her heart.

“I love her with all my heart and want to make her happy every day for the rest of her life. I’m going to bring a new inspiring meaning to the words happily ever after.” – Bobby

“I love you with all my heart, Mom.” – Finn

one amazing woman

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