Seth Atchinson’s Fate Decided With One Call Of Dibbs

When Seth Atchinson was moving into his new college apartment at Remington Square as a Kansas University undergraduate, he had no idea that he had already been claimed. And when Devonie Atchinson called “dibs” on the young man moving in, she had no idea that the claim would come without an expiration date.

Even when the couple tried to ignore fate and their relationship ended, Seth and Devonie Atchinson were always destined to be more than neighbors. The two have been married for almost five years now, Devonie’s “dibs” claim is more valid than ever and their life together is everything anyone could want.

If you ask Seth what he loves about Dev, the first thing he’ll tell you about is her heart. Though she works as a mental health professional, she defines herself as the mother of their two amazing children Skye and Huxton. Devonie never misses an opportunity to help someone as she is constantly bending over backwards to make sure her family is taken care of. She is the heart of the family’s home together and she is the rock that holds the foundation together. Her good heart is obvious to anyone as she works specifically in her career to help those in the LGBTQ community and those who need help with clinical addiction counseling.

Seth knew that Devonie was THE one almost immediately. Even when the two would just sit on his couch for hours on end and talk about pizza or whatever popped into their minds, things just clicked with her. “She makes everything make sense,” he explains. “I literally enjoy every single moment with her, including the arguments.”

No doubt there have been a lot of moments to enjoy. Whether it was the birth of their two children, their engagement in Paola, celebrating TWO Super Bowl victories or any of their “mushy monkey” days, Dev has made every part of the couple’s life a joyous experience.

Devonie has also helped Seth be the best man he can be through her constant support and reassurance. Most of the time this is a conscious decision on her part but she can also be quite the conversationalist in her sleep.

Seth is forever grateful for all of the experiences he and Devonie have made together. The only thing he might be more grateful for is the fact that there is an endless supply of more memories and experiences to come. Whether it’s more kids, more Super Bowl victories or their soon-to-be golden doodle puppy Journey, there is plenty for the happy couple to look forward to and the possibilities are endless.


Seth Atchinson’s Fate Decided With One Call of Dibbs

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