‘I Just Love Her’: Michele Flynn is a beautiful, wonderful woman who makes her family’s world go round

Michele Flynn may never know where her phone is, but she makes sure her family and friends all know where they stand with her. She shows them all so much love and compassion every single day, and she is constantly there for her loved ones.

And yet, this is only just the beginning of who Michele is. Michele is also a very genuine, talkative person who is invested in people’s lives, and she can strike up a conversation with anyone.

Whether she is out walking Stella or whether she walks into Nysmith, where Isabella is a first grader, people (both children and adults) and animals tend to gravitate toward Michele. And that is because she is truly wonderful and is someone who truly cares.

“Michele is such a genuinely nice, loving, caring person to other people,” her husband Patrick said. “That doesn’t come naturally to me. I’ve watched her be the genuine person she is to other people. She’s just outgoing and fun. She’s definitely more of a happy-go-lucky, living life in the moment, not necessarily having a plan or schedule type of person.”

Michele has a tendency to go with the flow, and that is something Patrick admires about her. She takes life for what it is, and the way she lives her life is just flat out amazing.

As a wife, Michele is one of the great ones. She is there for Patrick through thick and thin, and he knows her love for him will never waver. She makes him never even think about what life would be like without her, which is special.

Michele is a great mom on top of this. She has two stepdaughters, three nieces and a nephew that she treats well, but more importantly she has a 7-year-old daughter Isabella that she would do anything for. Isabella is the light of Michele’s world, and the way she treats her daughter is remarkable.

“Michele is not afraid to get really silly with Isabella,” Patrick said. “Michele is beautiful both inside and out. She’s a TON of fun – always doing fun things with Isabella. And she’s incredibly giving to Isabella and our entire family.”

At just 54 years young, Michele does not show her age when it comes to raising her daughter. When most people her age would think it’s crazy to be raising a 7-year-old, Michele has never met a challenge she cannot conquer.

Heck, before becoming a full-time mom, Michele was running her own company. And it was not just any type of company, but an IT staffing company. That is not easy to do, but it is never out of the realm of possibility with a never-say-never woman like Michele.

She succeeded in that business and created a lot of contacts, just as she has succeeded in everything else she has tried in her life.

Overall, what might stick out the most about Michele is her aforementioned love of family. She loves to spend time with her husband and daughter, and she is certainly always there for the rest of her loved ones too. She loves making memories and going on adventures, and she and Patrick certainly do not let his piloting skills go to waste.

“We have our own plane,” Patrick said. “The three of us love flying to different places. Typically every summer we will fly out to Ocean City, Maryland. This coming April, we are flying down to Legoland in Florida. We really enjoy flying to different places. We also enjoy playing nine holes at our club with Isabella.”

The Flynns enjoy explorations and visiting new places, and they do not take these special opportunities for granted. They want to make sure Isabella lives the best life possible, and Patrick and Michele including her in all their excursions is important to them.

On top of the flying adventures, Patrick knows he, Michele and Isabella will make many more adventures down in Virginia together.

“We are building a lake house down in Smith Mountain Lake and are very excited about that,” Patrick said. “We are going to build a lot of memories there.”

There may be many memories made while traveling and hanging out at their lake house, but they are memories because of who is involved. When you have someone like Michele to spend the rest of your life with, most moments seem pretty memorable.

At least that’s how Patrick feels, and that is all that is important.

He loves his wife and cannot wait to continue spending the rest of his life with her. Michele is one of a kind, irreplaceable and one of the great ones.

“Although I tell her every day, I want Michele to know how much I truly love her and how lucky our family is to have her. I never want another day to go by that we don’t get to spend the day together. She means everything to me. She’s my biggest fan and cheerleader and she gives me purpose in life.” – Patrick

‘I Just Love Her’: Michele Flynn

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