“The most beautiful, loving person I’ve ever met”

Laurie Longfellow is an amazing woman who always tries to help others whenever she can.

Her husband, James, said Laurie is very giving and no matter what she is always there for anyone who needs her help.

Laurie is a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo, and she makes her living teaching the sport and managing the family’s taekwondo school. 

“She loves teaching the kids at the school,” James said. “Her work ethic is incredible, and she is a mentor to any of the students who look up to her.” 

Laurie does a wonderful job of passing on her knowledge to her students. She has trained and led several of her students to world championships, and also coached the school’s competition team, Xzibit, to a world championship.

The couple met when she was teaching taekwondo to James’s son (now her stepson), Jonathan. Their first date was at Red Lobster where we both ate salads.

 “As we were eating, an elderly couple sitting nearby told us we made a great married couple,” James said with a smile. “A month after that we knew we were meant for each other.”

 James said he can’t thank Laurie enough for being such a wonderful stepmom to Jonathan.

“She always knew what to do with our son, she had great advice and somehow always made things better,” James said. “Just seeing how thoughtful and caring she is has taught me to be a better husband and father.”

When she isn’t working, Laurie enjoys watching movies, binging shows and spending time with the couple’s dogs, Natasha, Drax, and Oberyn. She and James also like to travel when they can. He said he will always remember their first trip to a little cabin in Fredericksburg because it was enjoyable for them to get to spend time together by themselves.   

They have made countless memories, but one that always makes James smile is when Laurie had surgery and she came out of the anesthesia talking about their favorite show, “Game of Thrones.”

James said he admires not just Laurie’s work ethic, but her never quit attitude, which he says has made him strive to be a better person. 

“Laurie is the most beautiful, caring, loving person I’ve ever met,” James said. “She taught me how to love unconditionally. Laurie, you are my universe, my everything, my best friend, and my forever soulmate. There is no one I would rather have by my side.”

“The most beautiful, loving person I’ve ever met”

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