‘She Makes Me Laugh’: Stephanie makes Ryan’s life truly memorable and she is the one person he cannot live without









These are just some of the many words Ryan used to describe his girlfriend Stephanie, and that is only just the beginning. You could fill an entire dictionary with words to describe how amazing and talented this gorgeous woman is, and that is because of how wonderful Stephanie truly is.

Stephanie is someone who likes to challenge herself too. In fact, she is waiting tables while going to school to become a surgery tech. She has aspirations of working in the operating room, and Ryan will tell you she will reach those goals with ease.

When she is not waiting tables or attending school, Stephanie can be found hanging out with her cats Kylo and Rey. They mean the world to her, and she loves them beyond belief.

She also loves Ryan, and Ryan knows she does. He appreciates all she does for him, and he really enjoys getting to spend all the time in the world with Stephanie.

Ryan knows other people enjoy spending time with Stephanie as well, and that is because of the caring and compassionate personality that she has. She loves hard and has a big heart, and she is always there for others.

“I admire the effort she puts into those around her who she cares about,” Ryan said.

Ryan also admires getting to make memories on a daily basis with Stephanie. Whether they are lounging around watching Netflix, joking around (especially about her lack of smelling farts), disc golfing or going on walks, the time they spend together is precious. It is time Ryan does not take for granted.

He also does not take for granted how much Stephanie does for him on a daily basis. Every single day she works to bring out the best in others, and this includes Ryan. Stephanie makes him the best version of himself, and she is constantly teaching Ryan important life lessons.

“She helps me be more emotionally present and more in tune with communicating my feelings,” Ryan said.

Stephanie has a way with people that is special, and Ryan loves and admires that. He loves and admires her for all she has to offer, and he is looking forward to continuing laughing with her and making life more worthwhile with her. Ryan loves Stephanie so much, and he is grateful that she chose him.

“I love her to the ends of the earth and she is appreciated.” – Ryan

Stephanie Paradee - ‘She Makes Me Laugh’

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