NSPIRE Others: Christine Slocumb is always there for others, and her faith in the Lord helps guide her in everything

There are not too many people in this world who devote their lives totally and fully to Jesus.

Then again, there are not too many people in this world who are like Christine Slocumb. Whether you talk to her family, her friends or her coworkers, one thing is for certain: Christine shows the love of the Lord each and every day. She loves living for Him and helping others do the same, and that has helped guide her life.

“Presently she is doing Christian Grief Counseling from our home,” her husband Ronnie said. “She has a beautiful smile which is always on display, and she puts the people that she counsels at ease. She spends a lot of time working on her books as an author too.”

If you told Christine you think her life mission is to help others, she would not argue with you. She spends her days putting a smile on other people’s faces and uplifting others, and that is a special trait.

On top of this, Ronnie said Christine has been blessed to be working on her 10th book. She published nine others, and he knows that each of those books makes an impact on others just like the author who wrote them.

Christine does not take things for granted either. She is thankful on a daily basis that God has guided her to doing the things she gets to do. And her friends are thankful for the woman that she is as well.

Christine is a priceless gift to me and everyone the Lord put in her path, as she walks out Jesus’ journey for her life and her husband Ronnie’s life,” Christine’s best friend Theresa said.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have Christine in their lives realizes just how blessed they are. She is someone with a strong spiritual foundation who wants to do nothing but serve the Lord.

Christine is there for everyone, and people know just how much they can count on her.

“She is a rock,” her only son Tyrone said. “Mom is a person who is strong willed. She also has a spiritual side. She is a prayer warrior.”

Not only does Christine live out a life of serving others in a physical sense, but in the spiritual realm as well. She covers people in prayers 24/7, and that is something that people do not take for granted.

People also do not take for granted just how amazing of a person Christine is. People love being around her and spending time with her, and they love her for who she is.

“She means the world to me,” Ronnie said. “Besides Jesus, she is number one in my life. We do everything together. Oh, except for one thing; I am a sports fanatic, and she does not like to watch sports. But she will sit with me and watch one of her girly movies on her cell phone.”

Talk about a great connection. Despite having some different interests, Christine loves spending time with her husband. She considers any time with him time well spent, and Ronnie no doubt feels the same way.

It is my belief that they are soulmates,” Christine’s brother Lee said. “They make each other happy.”

Not only do Christine and Ronnie cherish their time together, but others around them cherish their relationship as well. People notice just how much they love one another and how they are there for each other.

People also notice how much Christine loves her children as well. With three kids and six grandkids, there is plenty of love to be shared, and you can be sure Christine shares plenty of it with them.

What makes her a great mom is her loving, caring nature, yet she’s strong enough to let go,” Lee said. “She’s always available too.”

What makes her a good mom and family member is just the way she loves people and the time she takes to help others in general,” Ronnie said. “She is definitely a blessing in my life and I am so thankful to have her as my wife. She was really a great support for me during my mother’s recent health issues and death. She treated her with amazing compassion, and I will never forget that.”

Christine’s family and friends have not only had the opportunity to see the love she has for others, but they have also learned so much from her as well. It seems like every moment with this God-fearing woman is a teachable moment, and her loved ones are not afraid to admit this.

I have learned from her how to be a man,” Tyrone said. “I’m also learning how to manage life.”

As long as he continues to follow in his mother’s footsteps, Tyrone will be just fine. He has a great role model to look up to, and so do so many others.

The love Christine has for people in general is just so amazing. She is someone who is so selfless and caring, and her heart is so big. She is also someone who always has a smile on her face, and she has the best outlook on life.

Christine encourages all people to think positive, because so a man thinks in his heart so is he,” Theresa said. “She always reminds us to stay positive and to begin to see things the way Christ does, and you will see something different.”

People are constantly learning so many things from this extraordinary woman, and they love seeing how much she really is rooted in the Lord. She lets her faith be her guide, and for that Christine is amazing.

“I admire her compassion and willingness to help others,” Ronnie said. “I learned early in our relationship that she was someone I could put my complete trust in without hesitation. We’ve been married for almost 10 years (July 8, 2013), but it feels longer because of the closeness that I feel with her. I could not imagine my life without her in it.”

Christine is trustworthy and reliable, and for that she is loved and admired.

The appreciation for this woman runs extremely deep, as her family and friends all cherish her. They love her for who she is, and they are thankful for her every day.

“I truly appreciate the person that she is. Putting up with me is not easy at times. But I absolutely do cherish her as the Black Nubian Queen that she is to me. The Lord gave me the perfect woman for me at this time in my life. I cannot imagine life without her; thank you Jesus.” – Ronnie

“She is loved. We are there for her.” – Tyrone

Thank you Jesus for our true loyal friends and family – brother Ronnie and sister Christine Slocumb. We loveeeee you both dearly for life.” – Theresa

NSPIRE Others: Christine Slocumb

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