A Valentine’s Anniversary Love Story: Laronica Marx is an amazing Wife and Mother

Laronica Marx was born to her parents Tim McCutcheon and Christina Cobb in Hartsel, Alabama. She became resilient at a young age after losing her father, the most important man in her life, but little did she know that she would meet Brandon Marx, her future husband, who would become the most important man in her adult life when they met at a mutual friend’s house in Pearland, Texas.

Laronica began going to the beach and small town bars with Brandon, which led to them eventually moving in together. One time at the beach they even got “the race car” stuck in the sand and had to be pulled out by a police officer.

Laronica’s memories with Brandon have continued to be fun, unique and entertaining. These include vacations to Orlando and Gatlinburg with lots of fun sightseeing and memories with the tourist shops.

Laronica and Brandon have also made knives at a steel mill, rode an air boat in the Everglades and sampled moonshine at a liquor still. It’s no wonder they try so many things because Laronica is incredibly adventurous and if there’s a swimming hole, she’ll find it.

Brandon loves all these qualities and more about Laronica. “She reassures me that I can do anything I want to do and helps me with all my big projects,” said Brandon. “She shows me a different way of life.”

She has also taught their children different ways of life as she has the most important job in the world, staying home to raise 2-year-old Madallen and 4-year-old Morgen.

“She has taught them everything they know and more,” said Brandon. “She is patient with the kids and will sit on the couch watching tv with them or running around the yard chasing them all the way to our pool and jumping around acting silly. She’ll do anything to make the kids happy.”

Laronica is a very caring person who helps everyone in her life and Brandon has also been able to help her through the loss of her father and grandfather, the two most impactful people in her life. In fact, this experience was part of Brandon’s realization that she was the one.

“I love her for everything that she does even though I probably don’t say it enough,” said Brandon. “I will be hers forever.” After four wonderful years of marriage together, this is clearly just the beginning for this couple as the best is yet to come.

A Valentine’s Anniversary Love Story: Laronica Marx

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