‘You’re Truly Beloved’: Amy Kotansky is appreciated by many and is constantly making everyone’s lives so much better

Amy Kotansky, who was dubbed the nickname Meat by her late father, is a beloved coworker and wife.

Everything Amy does in life is praised by the people she works with and by her husband, Kevin, and they are constantly in awe of the amazing person that she is.

One of the things that takes Kevin aback is his wife’s dedication, particularly to dance. She loves to dance and even fought through a couple injuries over the years because she has such a passion for the art of dancing, and he appreciates how devoted she is.

“Amy has been dancing at a local studio for 22 years, performing jazz and tap dances,” Kevin said. “For many early years, Amy danced regularly at the Indiana State Fair dance stage. She is a jazz and tap dancer at Wilkerson Dance Studio in Greenfield as well.”

Amy’s dancer friend Nancy mentioned as well that Amy is a friend to all and her dancing skills are top notch. She has succeeded in many recitals and performances, and people view Amy as a phenomenal dancer.

Moreover, Amy is also a 26-year Franciscan Health Diabetic Educator who practices what she preaches. She is a workout freak according to Kevin, but more than that she is truly into living a healthy lifestyle. Amy is a lifestyle coach with a master’s degree in nutrition, and she has a way of connecting with her coworkers and patients alike that people are really drawn to.

Amy is appreciated at work by so many, and that is why so many of her coworkers gave their two cents about her as a person.

“Amy was my preceptor and became a coworker,” Amy’s coworker Holly said. “She taught me so much and invested in me. She is passionate and dedicated about diabetes and helping people. She goes above and beyond to ensure they get access to the care they need. She has a big heart!”

Amy cares so much about her patients, and she has also taken Holly under her wing. Her coworkers have learned so much from her between her knowledge and her big heart, and that is what makes Amy a one of a kind Diabetic Educator.

“I found a coworker who became a friend,” her coworker Becca said. “I love traveling to conferences with her. She goes above and beyond for her patients. She makes patients’ lives easier to manage diabetes. She is truly selfless in her patient care and coworkers.”

People truly love being around Amy. She makes life so much better for everyone she works with and she is constantly looking out for everyone.

“Amy is extremely dedicated,” some of her other coworkers said collectively. “She provides educational materials and is empathetic to the emotional aspects of diabetic patients. We appreciate her diligence for helping others.”

Amy has a very special way about her when it comes to work. She is able to connect with her patients on a very emotional level, and she never belittles them. She never makes them feel bad for their diabetes or anything else, and that is special.

That would also explain why Kevin is so proud of who his wife is in the workforce. He hypes up his wife and loves talking about her around other people, and this should make Amy proud of the woman and the worker that she is.

“Amy will never understand how proud I am of her being a Diabetic Educator,” Kevin said. “I brag about her being a healthcare worker. I know how dedicated she is to her job and the patients she counsels.”

Amy will do anything to make sure she shows up to work everyday to help her patients. They are her top priority, and this is why so many people give her such glowing reviews.

At the same time, the hard work and dedication Amy shows on a daily basis has rubbed off on her husband. Kevin learns so much from his wife every single day, and he is grateful for it.

“She gave me great confidence as a person and has always encouraged me to manage others, just as she has,” Kevin said. “I currently work two days a week at a nonprofit agency as a food rescue driver, rescuing food for our agency culinary classes, kitchen area to make meals, and redirecting remaining food to be picked by local agencies in need.”

You cannot help but think that Amy has had a major influence on Kevin doing this. He has a sense of volunteerism, and that is because he sees what his lovely wife does for people constantly.

Kevin also has the support of his wife all the time. She is his better half and the person who is always encouraging him, and he is thankful for this.

“She’s taught me confidence, courage and pushes me to keep living the dreams I have,” Kevin said. “My dreams turn into hers. Amy knows I am an auto racing superfan and she allows me to attend weekly races whenever I wish. But, I’ve learned to put her priorities first and my hobbies second. I’ve always tried to make her happy first.”

Kevin wants to always put a smile on Amy’s face because he knows she deserves it. She spends her days devoting her life to others, and he wants to return the favor to her. That is why he wants to celebrate her every day and remind her of this as much as possible, and he wants Amy to know that his love for her will never waver.

“Amy, I love and appreciate you so much. I am thankful for all that you do for me and for others, and I thank you for the woman that you are. You are appreciated and loved by so many, and the past 28 years have been amazing. Love you!” – Kevin

‘You’re Truly Beloved’: Amy Kotansky

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