‘I Love You’: Donovan and Stella loves and appreciate Hannah more than anything, and they are grateful for her

From December 24, 2022

Sometimes, you just know. This is how Donovan felt when he got reacquainted with his wife, Hannah, back in 2017.

“When we rekindled, it felt like we never stopped talking,” Donovan said. “We went to high school together and went our separate ways. We rekindled and nothing changed about us. Nothing changed about our personalities.”

From Hannah’s love of dancing to her endless care for others, there is nothing about her personality that Donovan does not love. Hannah loves to love and she loves to laugh, and her personality is truly through the roof.

Hannah’s personality is one that Donovan has learned a lot from, too. While it was like they picked up where they left off, there was still a lot to learn from this amazing woman. From her ability to always be there for you to her ability to make you smile with one of her jokes, Hannah shows Donovan so much about life.

“She has taught me how to be loved,” he said. “I didn’t have a good home life growing up, but she really does care for me and for Stella, our daughter.”

Donovan appreciates the amazing wife that Hannah is. He knows that she is going to always have his back no matter what. But there is something that he appreciates and cherishes even more than this.

What is it, you may ask? It is the mother that Hannah is. She is constantly there for her and Donovan’s daughter, and Donovan truly loves this about his wife.

“She’s all about being a mom,” he said. “She’s loving; she’s caring; she’s up in the middle of the night. I want to thank her for that. I am thankful for the mom that she is.”

It does not surprise Donovan one bit that his wife is an amazing mother either. Hannah has always been cut out for this role, but she has certainly exceeded expectations as well.

The reason it is not surprising that Hannah is a great mother is because of the fact that she treats others so well. She is an amazing friend to all, and her selflessness is through the roof.

If you know Hannah Santisteban, you know that she would do anything for you or anyone else, and that is simply sensational.

“What makes her good to others is just her being a loving, caring person,” Donovan said. “If she likes you, cares for you, she will be there for you whenever. She is always willing to help out, which is great.”

You can always count on Hannah to be there for you, which is something that is not taken for granted.

What is not taken for granted, either, is Hannah’s care for animals. She treats animals the way she treats humans – with kindness and respect – and this shows day in and day out at work.

“Hannah works for an animal hospital,” Donovan said. “She really cares for the animals and builds connections with the clients. She is creating such good relationships because she cares about the animals. This pays off in so many ways.”

Her clients love Hannah because of how well she treats their animals. She treats them all like they are her own animals, and that is appreciated.

The animals love Hannah because of the care and dedication she shows them. She gives them the best treatment possible, and that is amazing.

And then of course, there is what Hannah’s family thinks of her. They think the absolute world of her and they love her more than anything. They want her to know just how glad they are to have her in their lives, and that they could not imagine their life without Hannah.

Donovan and Stella are grateful for all the dinners they eat together and they love rolling around on the floor together with Hannah. They also really enjoy walking around town in the summer together, and any time they get to spend together is precious.

Donovan also loves going clubbing and dancing with Stella, and he cherishes every moment of every day with her. She is his everything, and he loves her more than anything in the world.

“Thank you for being you and staying with me. I have always loved you and will always love you.” – Donovan

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