LULNO: This may be Sam and Brock’s best inside joke yet, and it is a reminder of how much better life is for Brock with Sam in it

Sam Frye is truly remarkable.

She is a God-fearing woman who cares deeply about her family and friends, and she is cherished by all.

By day, Sam is a superhero respiratory therapist at a children’s hospital. By night, she is a superhero wife and mom of three who would do anything and everything to make sure her children are taken care of.

It is clear her heart is huge and there is no wonder so many people love and appreciate her.

“Sam has worked hard to get where she is at this point of her life,” her mother Sandy said. “Whenever she ran into adversity, she would figure out a way around it. She tried several colleges and career ideas before settling in with the respiratory program. And she has excelled in that role!”

All the children and parents who come into that hospital will tell you the same thing. They love having Sam take care of them, and they are thankful for a respiratory therapist like her.

The reason Sam is so phenomenal at her job is because she is such a caring individual. She loves people and has a sense of genuineness unlike any other, and her compassion runs rampant day in and day out.

“My favorite quality about her is the amount of love in her heart! She is also the rock of the family,” Sam’s husband Brock stated. “She has the ability to forgive and move on. She takes care of everyone… Sam makes sure we all have that we need and never wants anything in return. She sees the positive side in people. She’s willing to laugh at herself… and it’s easy to make her laugh.”

Sam has such a well-rounded personality, and that is something that has always stuck out to Brock. She wants the best for other people and never worries about what is best for herself. She is also willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, and that is simply amazing.

The most important thing to Sam, however, is her children. There is nothing that comes before Brooklyn (14), Bennett (9) and Brinley (6), and Brock appreciates this.

“She has the ability to balance it all as a mother,” Brock said. “There’s so much scheduling! She has a lot of patience, love and understanding. She lets the kids figure out their lives, but continues to guide them along the way without being pushy or overbearing. The best time is at the end of the day when she does the heartfelt one-on-one bedtime talks and snuggles.”

Sam cherishes each of her children and loves them all the same, and that is something that Brock really appreciates about her. He knows that his children are going to grow up to be wonderful people because of the mother they have, and he is thankful for that.

At the same time, Sam is a great friend to many and would do anything for her loved ones too. She is someone who is easy to get along with, and people love spending time with her.

“She’s a strong woman and has a quick wit that I love,” Sandy said. “That’s my favorite thing to just sit back and watch Sam and Brock and the kids all laughing at some goofy thing that just happened.”

Sam has created a wonderful family for herself, and they all love her for who she is. They have made memories together that will last a lifetime, and everyone around them sees the love they all have for each other.

She is someone who also does nothing but treat people with respect and is the nicest person you will ever meet. She makes an impact on many people’s lives just by being her, and people are thankful to have her in their lives.

“She has a quiet kindness about her and extends it to everyone around her,” Brock said. “Her multitasking skills are phenomenal. And her resiliency is an inspiration to us all.  Sam’s always looking forward to what’s next. She’s planning life’s journey; she has a great love for life and wants to share that with her family. She wants to give the kids a variety of experiences and see different things.”

Sam’s kids look up to her for a reason, and she is certainly deserving of being celebrated every single day of her life. She is a one of a kind, remarkable woman, and for that reason she has a grateful family.


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