40 Years Of Excellence: For over 40 years, Janet Bross has been serving the United Zion Retirement Community well

When Janet Bross told United Zion Retirement Community’s Director of Personal Care Miranda Troyer she plans to work until she “can’t physically do it anymore,” Troyer knew Bross had a dedication to aging services that is completely unmatched.

Bross has over four decades of experience working for the United Zion community, and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. She is the epitome of a hardworking individual who gives it her all day in and day out, and there are a plethora of reasons why she has been chosen for the LeadingAge PA 2022 Direct Caregiver of the Year Distinguished Service Award.

For the last 40 years, Bross has been an exemplary worker who has shown exactly what working in eldercare is all about, and she has served the United Zion community well.

“Janet Bross has been serving the community here for over 40 years with her compassion, professionalism, dedication and care,” the United Zion leadership team said. “She has worked in both our Firestone Healthcare Center and Heritage Hills Personal Care, where she currently serves as a Personal Care Resident Aide.”

During her time at United Zion, Bross has seen many changes in senior care. From the rise of technology to a two-plus-year pandemic to everything in between, Bross has endured all of these changes and challenges and has used them as learning opportunities and ways of gaining experience.

She is someone who is constantly putting forth maximum effort, and she is always doing whatever it takes to put her residents first. She has a genuine passion for this field, and she shows compassion toward the residents each and every single day.

“Janet never fails to go above and beyond to show our residents how much we care for them, and she gives each one the absolute best quality of care,” Troyer said. “She has been a huge asset to the Personal Care team.”

It is easy to see how much Bross cares for her residents, and her residents are always so appreciative of the care they receive from her. She stops at nothing short of making them all feel like family, and Bross’s big heart grows with each day.

“Janet’s compassion is very apparent to residents,” the United Zion leadership team said. “She is always available to listen and be a supportive ear to both residents and staff. Janet consistently recognizes the needs of residents since she knows them each so well.”

They said while this has always been apparent in the time that Bross has worked for the community, it has become even more so since the rise of COVID back in 2020. The one thing COVID has done, especially in the long-term care communities, is it has made social interactions a lot more difficult. That is unless your name is Janet Bross.

Bross has worked hard to increase the interaction she has had with each one of her residents, setting aside more one-on-one time with them. This willingness to adapt is part of what makes Bross the perfect mold for a caregiver. She faces challenges head-on, and she is always willing to work toward the necessary solutions to make sure her residents are taken care of before anything else.

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“Janet is proactively helping solve the challenges that come with providing care to seniors,” the United Zion leadership team said. “She is the go-to person for when a resident is exhibiting a new behavior, as she can often offer insight into what might be causing the change. She is the definition of a team member that truly understands person-centered care. She is the team member most turned to when providing new team members introductions to each resident’s interests and needs.”

They then went on to say that Bross knows the needs of each of the residents, and the time she takes to be meticulous with each resident makes her that much more amazing.

“The residents see her as deserving their trust almost immediately upon coming to United Zion,” they added.

Many of the United Zion residents take to Bross from the moment they step foot into the community, and that speaks volumes about Bross as an individual and as an caregiver. She does everything to make them feel comfortable and loved, and she eases everyone’s thoughts about joining a retirement community.

“She is a compassionate person to both the residents and the staff,” CEO M. Sue Verdegem said. “She is always available to listen and be a supportive ear to both residents and staff. If a resident is having a day where they are not feeling like coming out to group activities, you will find Janet sitting with them to play a game or just chat.”

Bross is not one to sit idly by, either. She makes sure that each resident is having the best experience possible, and she puts their happiness first.

Bross is a model worker who has set the bar high within the United Zion community, as well as at many surrounding communities. She is always willing to step in wherever she is needed, and she is a coworker that can be depended upon.

She is always welcoming toward everyone, and she has a keen sense of optimism and happiness that she carries with her wherever she goes. Bross is always bringing a smile to everyone’s face, and she is constantly showing what a direct caregiver should be.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the past four-plus decades at United Zion would look immensely different had it not been for the 2022 Direct Caregiver of the Year award winner gracing them with her presence all those years. She is appreciated by everyone and her impact is amazing.

“Janet has exemplified the values of the United Zion Retirement Community for the past 40 years,” Verdegem said. “These values include nurturing respect, delivering excellence, building community, serving compassionately, ensuring integrity and promoting stewardship. Janet has filled a number of positions over her tenure at United Zion as she looks to serve the seniors in our community.”

Congratulations, Janet!40 years of excellence

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