Amazing wife and mom has heart of gold

Karen Washington is an amazing wife and mother who would do anything for her friends and family. 

“Karen has a heart of gold!” said her husband, Kevin. “Not only is she a very beautiful person inside and outside, she is also a very giving and caring person.”

Her love of caring for others extends beyond her family to her job as a nurse, where she gives her all to her patients. Kevin is an entrepreneur and Karen is his business partner, but he says her real job title should be “Miracle Worker.”

The couple first met on March 27, 2009, at a Walgreens, but Kevin saw Karen was with another man. He looked for a wedding or engagement ring on her finger and he did not see one. Luckily, he realized the man was too young to be her husband or boyfriend.

They spent a few minutes talking outside of the store when a random woman joined the conversation. After 40 minutes, the woman was still there talking to them and Kevin thought, “I met the woman of my dreams and some random woman shows up before Karen and I had gotten to the point of exchanging phone numbers. How do I politely tell someone I don’t know to get lost so I can ‘finish’ meeting the woman of my dreams?”

The woman finally left, and Kevin and Karen continued their conversation and exchanged numbers with the stated intention of getting her granddaughter and his daughter together for a play date. 

“After we departed, her youngest son told his sister that their mom had been talking to some strange man for hours, and now he’s following them home,” Kevin said with a laugh. “It turns out Karen and I lived less than a mile or so apart and we were going in the same direction up until that last mile.”

Kevin said it was love at first sight for him. The pair went on their first date the day after they met. After falling asleep talking to each other, he knew she was the one

“How could someone so beautiful be interested in me?” he remembers thinking.

Kevin said most men want to marry a woman just like their mother and he was lucky to find that in Karen. He said she has many of the same wonderful qualities that his mother had. The happy couple was married on May 5, 2012.

They have always loved to travel together. Kevin said he had always wanted to go to New Orleans and Karen had never been on a cruise. So, in 2011 Karen booked a trip to New Orleans, and he found a cruise that they could take while they were visiting the city. They loved both and now they cruise and visit New Orleans every year. 

Kevin said he knows how lucky he is to have a woman as fantastic as Karen in his life. 

“Karen is drop-dead gorgeous. She is a gift from God made specially for me” Kevin said. “We are a perfect match. She completes me in every way. I love her today, tomorrow and forever.”

Amazing wife and mom has heart of gold

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