No today is NOT Labor Day, but something even better

You really have to hand it to Japan for this one.

Every year the country of Japan celebrates their labor workers in a special way. How exactly do they do this, you may ask? Well, they celebrate Labor Appreciation Day to show their appreciation for all the people who work in the labor sector.

Also known as Labor Thanksgiving Day, Labor Appreciation Day is truly a great way of showing labor workers just how much of an impact they make on everyone’s lives. And while America celebrates Labor Day every year, Japan’s Labor Appreciation Day just means more.

Yes, in America Labor Day is a federal holiday, but do we really take that day to show our thanks and appreciation for workers? Not really. We just take the day to hang out with friends and barbecue on a grill.

And while that is great and all, Japan is actually very proactive in their Labor Appreciation Day. On this holiday, school children actually write letters and put together gifts for these labor workers. It is a great way for them to say thank you, even if they might not be old enough to truly appreciate the importance of the labor sector yet.

At the same time, a lot of companies will also take this day to review the accomplishments of their workers. They celebrate their workers by reminding them what they mean to the company.

And the best part is, this show of appreciation is not just smoke and mirrors for the mere point of celebrating a holiday. These labor workers’ bosses genuinely appreciate all their workers do for them and all they do to help keep their country functioning well.

There is no question about it that the labor sector is a very important entity in the workforce. In Japan, however, it just seems to mean more based on the fact that they take the time to celebrate these workers.

Happy Labor Appreciation Day. We are all better off because of labor workers!

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