‘SHE SAVED ME!’: One dog’s life was changed forever because of Kelsey Burke, and he is grateful for that fact

July 16, 2022, was a day where two people’s lives, as well as the lives of one dog and one cat, changed forever.

That day, Kelsey Burke saw a dog scattering around the highway dragging a broken leash. With cars flying by him at over 60 mph, she thought he was sure to be hit. Not being able to shake that thought, she turned her car around and pulled over.

She could see the terrified look in the dog’s eyes but she was somehow able to get close enough to grab his broken leash and get him in the car. She brought him home to her husband, Brian, and their cat, Merlin, and they knew they had to name him King Arthur.

“I went from being scared, lonely and hungry to getting a new home and having to worry about nothing,” Arthur said. “I have a big yard to run in now and she even lets me and Merlin sleep on the bed! When she comes home from work she says I get so excited that my tail spins like a helicopter.”

From being scared and alone to being accepted into a loving family, Arthur’s life has taken a complete 180. He is thankful for the day he was saved by Kelsey and every day since then. Her heart and not wanting to see him out there suffering quite literally extended his life, and for that he is thankful.

“Kelsey also rescued Arthur’s new brother Merlin on Halloween over a year ago and now has united them,” Brian said. “When she found Arthur she gave him a bath right away (Arthur didn’t like that part at first but now he’s getting used to it). She also ran right out to buy him food, bowls and a new leash.”

Seeing the way Kelsey has put these two animals’ lives first is a great reminder that we should all consider helping others and being there for others at their lowest moments, much like Kelsey was with both Merlin and Arthur.

Seeing the way Arthur fits in right off the bat has been amazing to Brian. He loves seeing how attached and happy Kelsey is with Arthur, and just loves seeing how happy she is when they take Arthur on rides.  “I love sticking my head out of the window when we’re driving,” Arthur said.

Arthur is also grateful that Kelsey and he have become so close over the last couple of months. He loves giving her kisses and his face lights up every time he sees her. Kelsey and Arthur have a truly unbreakable bond.

Arthur and Merlin love seeing how amazing Kelsey is on a daily basis. “She likes to brush us and clip our nails.  She’s always taking care of us,” said Arthur.

“Kelsey always looks to help others and has a special calling to help animals whenever she sees them in trouble,” Brian said. “Whether its people or pets, she always puts them all before herself. She also makes sure that all of her pets are healthy and caught up with their doctor and even does the same for me.”

It does not take a lot of effort to be kind and caring, but there are a lot of people out there who do not even try. Kelsey is the complete opposite, and because of her there have been two animals whose lives have been changed forever.

“I’m so happy with my new family,” Arthur said. “I couldn’t ask for a better mom! Thank you for saving me!”

she saved me!

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