Leading by example: Elizabeth Rodriguez’ caring heart inspires everyone around her

Blind dates can be fearful for many, but for Nelson and Elizabeth Rodriguez, it was the best thing that happened for them.

After meeting at Outback after being set up by mutual friends, the two were shocked that while opposites, they were crazy about each other.

Nelson believes that their love story was the perfect “opposites attract” storyline because they complement themselves with traits that were strong in one person versus the other.

That’s how Nelson knew that Elizabeth was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. When he started to acquire her traits that were missing in him, he noticed himself becoming a better person.

One instance in particular is when he took ownership of his education and career because of Elizabeth’s positive effect on him.

“Elizabeth always pushed me to do the right things in life. In many cases, I might not see things from the other point of view,” Nelson said. “She has always encouraged me to go above and beyond when trying to resolve an issue or trying to help someone.”

And the entire family is grateful for Elizabeth’s helpful and caring heart.

She is dependable, loyal, reliable, supportive, encouraging, and always looking out for others.

It isn’t hard to overlook her true grit and determination; her commitment to her goals is unmatched.

As a mother to their two daughters, Alexa and Amanda, Elizabeth leads by example and always facilitates their needs.

“She is an exemplary role model for our daughters Alexa and Amanda. She empowers them to be the best young ladies they can be,” Nelson said.

As a daughter as well, Elizabeth always made herself available to help her parents. Especially during the waning times of their lives, Elizabeth was tremendously committed to caring for them.

That’s why everyone in Elizabeth’s life are better people because of her. Not just family, but anyone she comes into contact with.

As Assistant Principal at Snapper Creek Elementary, Elizabeth’s sole focus is the well-being of her students and is always there to support them. She’s not afraid to make time for others; she does so on her own and never expects anything in return.

At heart, Elizabeth is a great wife, mother and daughter. She is always thinking of others and how she can best help them.

Oftentimes, in the daily grind we lose focus about the details in life, but Elizabeth’s family see her devotion and are forever grateful for it.

“I am forever blessed to have someone like her be my confidant, friend and lover. I am blessed that she is the mother of my children and will forever leave her convictions with them.” – Nelsonleading by example

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