Let’s Party!!: Linda is an incredible woman with a motherly and grandmotherly touch unlike any other

Linda Massopust is an incredible mother and grandmother.

She has been through some adversity throughout her life, and it is in this adversity that she has learned a lot and has become very strong. From losing her first husband in their 30s and her second husband two years ago to putting herself through.  Linda has been through a lot, but she has never complained about what life has thrown her way.

Instead, she has kept her head down and has remained focused on her family. She set an example that nothing is more important than family and providing for family.

She worked hard to make sure there was always food on the table. But more than that, Linda has also always been supportive of her family throughout the years.

“She came to all my baseball and football games growing up,” her son Jason said. “Going to Minocqua, WI as a family every summer, and water skiing on Blue Lake is a special memory.”

The memories Jason, his siblings, their spouses and their children all have with Linda are very fond. They all love looking back and reflecting on all the good times they have spent with Linda. And they are excited to continue creating more memories with her too.

On top of that, Jason and the rest of the family know how hard Linda has worked throughout her life. She has pushed through so much and has constantly persevered without many thanks being said, but the family wants her to know just how much she means to them and how grateful they are for all Linda has done for them.

“She worked hard to go back to school and built a career for herself working for the hospital and running the psychiatry department,” Jason said.

And boy is she good at what she does. Linda is as selfless a person as you will ever meet, and this makes her someone that people love to be around. Both at work and beyond, people genuinely love spending time with Linda.

“Mom is always dependable and willing to help,” Jason said. “She loves taking care of people and making them feel special. She is very supportive and loves to have a good time and party.”

Linda has a way about her that just draws people near to her. She has a positive outlook on life and loves to have fun, and she is also someone who is there for people at all times.

She is loving, caring and devoted, and she is constantly uplifting those around her as well.

“She’s very kind, loves to help people and make them feel good about themselves,” Jason said.

It is not wonder her family and friends appreciate Linda as much as they do. She is super special and a one of a kind type of person. She makes the world a better place, and she is loved by many.

“She’s a fantastic mother and grandmother and we love her very much.” – Jason, Amanda, Gabby and Sam

Let’s Party!!  Linda is an incredible woman with a motherly and grandmotherly touch unlike any other

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