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If you are a big fan of cheese, you should know the fact that one-third of all milk produced in the United States will go into cheese production.

On January 20, we celebrate and explore different flavors of cheese on National Cheese Lover’s Day.

An interesting fact about cheese is that we don’t have any clue about the exact time when cheese was created. All we know is that the first humans were obsessed with the taste when they savored its full flavor of cheese, and the earliest cheese was mostly cottage cheese.

Thousand years ago, people stored and transported milk in the stomachs of sheep. After a few days, the milk would separate into whey and curd, then preserving it with salt could lead to the formation of cheese.

The cheesemaking process takes a lot of time and energy. A person needs to pay close attention to the temperature of the milk and the surrounding environment because these principles will impact the taste of the cheese.

In some regions of the world, people are very secretive about the cheesemaking, therefore, they would keep the ingredients and techniques private.

Today, there are more than 18,000 types of cheese in the world. It is a great opportunity for us to taste and learn about the finest cheese in the world. Some restaurants even offer cheese on their special dish menu for customers to try out.

Therefore, check your local stores to find something new other than cheddar and parmesan cheese. If you like a strong flavor, pick up blue cheese or brie. If you prefer something light, feta, mozzarella or goat cheese would definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Moreover, you can also buy some ingredients and make your own cheese at home. Nothing better than enjoying and sharing homemade cheese with your loved ones.

Trust me. You will never go wrong because it is cheese.

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