‘She Can Do It All’: Robyn Williams is capable of everything and anything and then some

Robyn Williams is a one of a kind woman who is the anchor and matriarch of her family.

When her husband, Lee, talks about Robyn, all he can talk about is how much she means to their family and how they could not do it without her. She keeps the household functioning, and smoothly at that.

“She’s like the glue, the heart of this family,” Lee said. “Robyn is a God-fearing woman. And she’s there for all of us.”

While family is vitally important to Robyn, there is nothing more important to her than her faith. She is a strong-willed Christian woman who believes in God and wants her children to do the same. She does everything she can to make sure her children grow up with the same beliefs and values she has, and that is admirable.

“She refuses to put her kids in public school,” Lee said. “She wants them in a Christian school. It’s all about needing God in their lives. I’ve had a few little hiccups in our marriage and she’s been there by my side. She’s pretty firm in that department.”

Robyn’s faith is the one true constant in her life, and this is something that is truly astounding to Lee. He loves watching his wife constantly grow in her relationship with God, and he admires the fact that it shapes the way she raises their children.

Aside from just the faith aspect, Robyn is a stellar mother who is raising wonderful children. She is so supportive of them and loves them beyond belief, and that is truly remarkable.

“We have three children – two girls and a boy,” Lee said. “From the kids’ perspective, she always prays at night before they go to bed. One of my daughters calls her a NASCAR mom. But at the end of the day, she’s there for them and wants the best for them. She’s pretty strict and firm too. Robyn knows best.”

Robyn is raising her children the right way, and she is raising them in a way that Lee really appreciates. He knows their children all look up to her and love their mother unconditionally, as she loves them unconditionally as well.

Robyn is also someone who is a great friend and companion to many. She cares so much and wants what is best for everyone, and she treats people with nothing but kindness.

“She treats people how she wants to be treated,” Lee said. “She treats them with respect and dignity. She’s not going to go behind someone’s back and talk trash. She is full of respect and is loving and caring.”

Robyn is a selfless, caring individual who is there for others, but she also stands up for herself when situations warrant it.

On top of everything else, she is running her own business, and she does so with excellence. She is the type of business owner that you would want to give your business to because she cares and she is a woman of honor.

“She is well-organized,” Lee said. “She doesn’t take crap from anybody. She’s very organized. She’s on top of everything at work. She doesn’t let anything go by. And she keeps everything running smoothly.”

Lee knows he could not handle everything his wife does, and that is just part of the reason why he appreciates her so much. She is dedicated to everything she does, and she works hard in every facet of her life.

She is also someone who loves to live in the moment while having a go-go-go personality, which is why Lee has love-hate relationships with their vacations. She does not like to sit around and rest, but instead get out and enjoy the beauty and history of places.

Robyn Williams is truly a remarkable person who is appreciated by all because of her amazing personality and the love she has for others. Without her, her family knows they would not be able to function. They love her and are beyond grateful for the matriarch she is.

“She’s funny and loving. She’s a very strong woman. She doesn’t take anything from anybody. She’s just a very strong woman. The things she does, I can’t do it. She’s running her own company and a household, it’s very impressive in my mind. We love you and appreciate you, Robyn! Happy anniversary!”

she can do it all - Robyn Williams

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