Love & Devotion: Shannon Behan is a ‘ray of sunshine’ who puts her family at the heart of everything she does

Shawn Behan has a job in finance and likes to think he hustles and works hard, but then he comes home and gets a small taste of what Shannon has been doing all day. She works as an Early Childhood Educator, then beats Shawn to the house and is in non-stop motion taking care of Mac (3) and Mya (2), cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids.

Shannon isn’t one to cut corners at work because teaching children is one of her great passions in life, and she certainly has the best interest of children at heart at all times. Shannon is tireless in the work she does, but she does all of it with a true sense of purpose and a smile on her face. The fact she’s doing it now while pregnant with their third child is even more amazing. 

“She’s an extremely hard worker,” Shawn said. “She’s go-go-go. She’s super energetic, friendly, very personable, outgoing, and she’s always trying to help people who are maybe not as fortunate. She loves children, and she’s definitely in the right field. She loves trying to work with the kids and help them grow, expand and learn new things.”

When it comes to her kids, Shannon has never been one to simply try and get them through each day. She wants them to experience new things, to grow, develop and be their best selves, which means extra effort from Shannon and Shawn. Whatever the season is and wherever they are, they are trying to make memories or teach them something new.

Shannon takes on a large portion of that burden because she knows how important it is. Just like at school, where playing games and building with blocks teaches valuable lessons, Shannon finds all kinds of purposeful fun for her kids.

“She’s a super busy mom,” Shawn said. “She takes the kids everywhere. We try to get them to try out every activity under the sun, then encourage them in whatever they want to do. Shannon literally spends no time for herself. Basically, every waking moment of every day is devoted to the kids.”

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The work has gotten a little more difficult during a pandemic, and Shannon is teaching and caring for children around the clock. But none of it takes away Shannon’s shine, which Shawn’s mother, Lynn, says is apparent as soon as she walks in a room. It’s even more noticeable to her husband, Bob.

“He always says, ‘Here comes the ray of sunshine,’” Lynn said.

The kids are constantly in that sunshine, which explains the little upbeat personalities they have already. And from Lynn’s point of view, she just makes life better for Shawn and the kids through her actions, but also through her very presence.

“I admire that she has a heart as big as herself,” Lynn said. “She has a smile that is just constant. It lights up a room. She is the most loving and caring person for a daughter-in-law. I’m just blessed to have her in our life.”

Shannon has been a blessing to Shawn and her own kids, but she is also a blessing to her students and so many others who enjoy her bubbly presence. For Shawn’s family, she has made an immediate impact with her kindness and love, which is crystal clear as soon as Shannon walks into a room.

Lynn couldn’t have asked for a better wife for her son or a better mother for her grandchildren.

“I never had a daughter, but if I could handpick one, I would pick her,” she said. “We love her from the bottom of our hearts.”

When Shawn and Shannon got out of school, they made a choice to move to South Korea, teach English as a second language, work hard, and save money. They also got the experience of a lifetime that Shawn won’t soon forget. They traveled, saw new places and made amazing memories.

Their life together is turning out the same way, too. They work hard, pour everything into their kids, and make sure they have as much fun as they possibly can. Shawn is grateful for her Shannon because she is the one who keeps the family together and sacrifices to make life better for all of them. 

“She keeps us all on the narrow path,” Shawn said. “Without her, we would be lost. Thank you. We appreciate you.”

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