More Than A Mom: To Hailey and her five foster children, Amber is Mom; to everyone else, she is the most selfless person they have ever met

Amber Summers is a woman with an innumerable amount of wonderful qualities.

She is a do-it-all woman who is a skilled nurse and an amazing mother and foster mom, and her husband Eric speaks very highly of her. She puts others first and Eric knew that she was a special woman, which is one of the many reasons why it did not take him long to propose to her and for them to get married. He knew that she was one in a billion, and he did not want to imagine life without her.

“Amber is extremely loyal, loving and protective,” Eric said. “She’s a great cook and she’s very considerate of others. She will help anyone in need.”

Amber is a very loving and compassionate individual who cares deeply about others. And whether you want to attribute her selfish ambition to her faith or to how she was raised, it is something that is truly a sight to behold.

Amber is a God-fearing woman who has built the foundation of everything her and her family stand for on the basis of her strong Christian principles, and Eric is glad that he gets to spend an eternity with the love of his life.

“I admire her strong faith in God and her desire to be close to Him and to pray about all things,” Eric said.

Everything Amber stands for is built on the basis of her beliefs, and she is teaching these morals and principles to her own daughter, Hailey (3). She cares so much about Hailey, and there is nothing Amber would not do for her.

“I admire her loyalty, faith and consistent focus on quality time with our daughter,” Eric said.

Eric knows that Hailey has the best mother in the world to look up to, and he knows that she is going to grow up to be a force to be reckoned with because of all she is learning from her mother.

Eric is also grateful for the endless important life lessons he learns from his wife daily. She has truly helped him learn the importance of putting God first in every situation, and he has changed his whole mindset on life because of what all she has taught him.

“She inspires me to be stronger in my faith,” Eric said. “Amber has taught me to pray more about things and listen to my gut and take more time making decisions.”

Patience is a virtue, and one in which Amber possesses well. She believes that everything happens for a reason and that God is in control, and the fact that she has an unending amount of peace and faith in God is truly admirable.

Getting to call Amber Summers wife, mom or friend is an honor for everybody, and it is something that the people in her life do not take for granted.

“I just love how she mothers Hailey. She does so much with and for her. She will do anything for anyone.” – Ericmore than a mom

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