‘My One And Only Southern Belle’: John loves his wife and is grateful she has stuck by his side for the past 27 years

When you get to go through life with your best friend, all the lows life takes you through start to become moot. You fight hard to get through all the bad things life throws at you. This is exactly how John feels when it comes to being married to Sylvia.

“We have been through our share of hard times over the last 27 years,” John said. “Through thick and thin, she is still with me and puts up with my nonsense. She has never stopped loving me.”

No matter what, Sylvia is always there for John. She has his back and is the one person he can always count on.

And yet, there is so much more that makes Sylvia the amazing person she is. In fact, this is supposed to be a story of positivity and highlighting who this wonderful woman is, and she is definitely full of positivity among many other things.

On top of having a great outlook on life and always having a smile on her face, Sylvia is an exceptional mother of five and grandmother of two (with a third on the way). She is always there for them and she is a constant source of support, and her kids all know Sylvia is the pillar of the family.

“She is very loving and would give anything for her children and grandchildren,” John said. “She sacrifices so much for her family.”

Sylvia always puts family first, and this has been evidenced throughout the course of John’s marriage to her. She would do anything for their children, and she would do anything for the rest of the family too. Including John.

Sylvia was there for John when he had severe Covid symptoms a couple years back, and she certainly reminded him she knows how to make him smile… with tickets to see his beloved Cardinals play.

More than just being a loving and devoted wife, mother and grandmother, Sylvia is a devoted Christian woman. She has a lot of faith and loves God with all her heart, and she has made her faith a point of emphasis in her marriage and beyond.

“She is a Godly woman and helps keep me focused on Him,” John said. “Her compassion and forgiveness help me to be a better man, husband, father and grandfather.”

Sylvia is a spiritual leader as well as a teacher to many. On top of teaching John so many things, she teaches a bunch of first graders at school. She loves being there for them and being their teacher, and that is a role that fits her well.

On top of this all, Sylvia’s personality is also one that is made up of loyalty, honesty, love, forgiveness and hard work. She also loves going hiking, shopping, antiquing and walking, and she cherishes her time with family.

To John, Sylvia is the best thing that has ever happened to him and she is his best friend, and he cannot imagine life without her. The past 27 years of marriage have all been worthwhile and he cannot wait for another 27 years and many more.

“I love you with all of my heart. I know the first 27 years of marriage have not been the easiest, but I know the next 27 years will be great! You are the greatest wife, mother and grandmother in the universe. You have been and always will be my one and only Southern Belle.” – John

‘My One And Only Southern Belle’: Sylvia

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