‘One Heart’: Jonathan and Theresa have been in sync since the day they met, and it is amazing to see

It was the Air Force that brought them to one another, but it is love that keeps them together.

Jonathan and Theresa Kruze met while taking the same Advanced Life Support class on the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. At the time, Jonathan was a Captain and dentist while Theresa was a 2nd lieutenant labor and delivery nurse. They paired up to practice compressions on the mannequins and, well, the rest is history.

Jonathan chalks it up to divine intervention, and whether you want to call it that or just coincidental fate, there is no questioning they are made for each other. Both still active duty Air Force members, their love for each other is off the charts.

And while their love is reciprocated, Jonathan will tell you it’s all because his wife is just that easy to love. Theresa is a wonderful woman with a great personality, and Jonathan loves so much about her.

“I knew Theresa was special from the first time we hung out,” Jonathan said. “I always felt as if I could be myself around her, never uneasy. We hung out for the first time at the Lodge on Grand Teton. She brought her friend Crystal and I brought my brother Dylan. The connection was out of this world, especially as teammates playing darts. We nearly locked lips waiting in this small area outside the restrooms.”

It was almost like love at first date, and for Jonathan it might as well have been. Regardless, once he got to know Theresa more, he knew she was someone worth standing by.

Now they are married and even have a 6-year-old son named Jackson. Jonathan knows Jackson has the best mom in the world to look up to, as Theresa is such a caring and thoughtful individual. She cares so much about the people in her life, and she would do anything for Jonathan and Jackson.

“Theresa is the most kind and the most wonderful woman in the world,” Jonathan said. “I reflect every day how much Theresa has meant to me in my life. She has given me a lifetime of love in our eight years of marriage (July 2023), and our wonderful son Jackson. She is my constant presence to keep me grounded and humble. She truly is my soulmate.”

Theresa makes Jonathan a better man and a better father. She brings out the best in him, and he considers marrying her to be the best decision he ever made.

The fact that they can be themselves around each other is truly special too. There is a sense of genuineness when you are around this couple, as they bring out the best in one another.

Jonathan and Theresa are husband and wife, but they are also best friends. This is not something you always see in a married couple, but it is certainly what you see when you interact with the two of them.

“She interacts with me in ways that demonstrate we are not only lovers, but best of friends,” Jonathan said. “We laugh at each other being silly, we talk and listen carefully, and we support each other no matter what. She has amazing compassion and is also passionate in everything she holds dear. I also love how Theresa respects me deeply.”

Not only does Theresa hold great affection for her husband, but she loves her family and friends a lot as well. She would do anything for any number of people, and that is special.

She is also willing to compromise when needed, which is something that bodes well in a marriage. Being married involves some give and take, which included Theresa taking a big gulp and becoming part of Bills Mafia amid their recent history of being one of the worst NFL teams. 

At the time they met, the Bills had missed the playoffs for 16 consecutive years. However, after only two years of marriage, the Bills had finally broken their streak, making the playoffs in 2017. One could say Theresa was the best thing that ever happened to Jonathan… and the Buffalo Bills.

“She’s converted to a Bills fan of course and she gets a kick out of seeing our son become a little mini version of me; she loves when we wear their Josh Allen jerseys together,” Jonathan said. “She always jokes how Jackson didn’t get any of her Asian genes, my blonde white genes were too strong. Sometimes people wonder if he is really her son.”

At the end of the day, however, this just proves that Theresa would do anything for her loved ones. Her husband and son mean everything to her, and she certainly enjoys watching Jonathan stress out during Buffalo games, especially since one of her favorite pastimes is playfully bugging him.

Jonathan jokingly said, “If she’s trying to annoy or bug me, that’s when I know she’s in a good mood.”

Jonathan said they are also connected both emotionally and physically. Their mind, body and spirit are one, and they just love being together. They have shared amazing times together all over the world, from living in Japan for two years to now living on the West Coast in California. No matter where they are, if they’re together, they are as happy as two peas in a pod.

Jonathan and Theresa are a wonderful couple with an amazing story, and Jonathan does not want to imagine a world where he is living without his wife and son. They are his world, and he is grateful for them both.

“Our story rings true this year because of what happened to Damar Hamlin and all, going into cardiac arrest on the field. Training staff knowing ALS saved his life on the field that night. It’s fitting to reflect that on this eighth Valentine’s Day together we met in an ALS class. We both saved the mannequin that day while also stealing each other’s hearts, two thieves with one heartbeat ever since.” – Jonathan

‘One Heart’: Jonathan and Theresa

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