‘My Prize’: For 16 years, Ben Severns has had the joy of spending time with his biggest prize in life, his daughter Katherine, and he cannot wait to see what her future has in store

Sixteen years ago, Ben Severns got the best early birthday present he has ever and will ever receive – an 8-pound 14 ounce, 21 inches long daughter named Katherine Carlisle Severns. From the moment his daughter was born, Ben became the proudest dad there is and he quickly discovered that she was his “why.” He cares very deeply about Katherine, and he would do anything for his daughter.

Ben had an instant connection with his daughter that he never felt with anyone before, and that connection has only grown stronger as they have gotten older. They have become tighter every day, and there is nothing that can separate this father-daughter relationship.

“I have always had a special bond with my daughter,” Ben said. “We have many inside jokes and share the same sense of humor. I have called her ‘my prize’ since she was born.”

When Katherine was born, he was blessed with an amazing daughter who has grown into an amazing young woman, and he could not be prouder of her. He cherishes the moments they have spent together, and he will continue to cherish the moments they spend together in the future.

“We like to road trip,” Ben said. “We have taken several trips in the car and like to listen to music, snack on gas station food and enjoy time with one another.”

Just being around each other brings happiness and joy. The closeness between Ben and Katherine is not seen in many father-daughter relationships, but it is certainly seen in this one.

Ben loves spending time with his girl because of her personality and their daddy-daughter bond that is completely unbreakable. Katherine is a people person with a lot of wit and a fun-loving attitude that people love being around.

“She cares about other people,” Ben said. “Katherine is funny, sarcastic, smart and beautiful. We get each other and know what the other is thinking without saying a word… which can be almost spooky at times.”

She also has a love for animals, including her three kitties – Ozzy, October and OJ – and is always on high alert and constantly wants pictures of them, which Ben is always happy to send. She enjoys spending time with them while watching Netflix and TikTok. Katherine also enjoys learning about crystals and loves to mine for them too.

Beyond that, Katherine is a true daddy’s girl, and she would do anything for anyone she cares about. She loves her family and her friends, and she makes sure she shows them love on a daily basis.

“She has the ability to try to make everyone happy around her,” Ben said. “She makes me laugh constantly. Before she was even three, she thanked me in advance for taking her to McDonald’s and we never even talked about going. Of course we then had to go! Who doesn’t love fries and a Coke from McDonald’s?”

Katherine means everything to her dad, and he is glad that she has always stuck by his side through everything.

“She is definitely my why,” Ben said. “If the only thing that someone said about me was that I was Katherine’s dad and she loves me… that is the biggest compliment to me and all that matters. I have made decisions that some would not agree with, such as taking her to Harry Styles in Nashville on a Wednesday so she missed two days of school, but it is those memories that I will cherish more than anything else that I have done in my life.”

Ben has always made his daughter’s happiness and adventurous spirit a hight priority. He understands the importance of bonding and the importance of being close to the ones who you love and care about, and if that meant that she would miss a few days of school here and there, then so be it.

From going to concerts to going to Blues hockey games together, to Katherine getting to check out different airports during layovers, she has experienced many fun and exciting times in life. One at the top of the list would be the year the Blues won the Stanley Cup in 2019. They spent time enjoying the games, going to the championship parade and drinking from and eating Ted Drewes Frozen Custard out of the Cup.

That is something that neither will ever forget and will cherish forever.

Ben hopes that Katherine will continue to go on adventures and explore all the world has to offer.

“I love you,” Ben said. “I am so very proud of you, and I love watching you become the person you are becoming. I do not care what you do with your life; I just hope you do it with passion and know I will be your biggest fan along the way.”

Ben will always be there for his daughter, cheering for her and being her number one supporter in whatever life she chooses. There is truly no mountain Katherine cannot climb. There are limitless possibilities for her to choose from, and she will be successful with whichever path she chooses.

“I love her and she means the world to me. Happy 16th birthday, KC, from your biggest fan.”


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