Super Wife and Mom Continues to Save the Day: Vicki Ahlstrom is an amazing wife and mom of three amazing daughters

Vicki Ahlstrom is a do-it-all kind of woman with all the traits that formulate the most amazing woman her husband, Brian, could have ever dreamed of. From her looks to her business mindset, Vicki has it all, and Brian is awestruck by her every day.

“She’s kind, giving and gorgeous,” Brian said. “She’s a kick ass gym and business owner who’s built her gym from the ground up. She’s revered by her family and friends. Her best friends are her daughters and husband.”

Vicki has built her Anytime Fitness branch from nothing and has turned it into a huge success. She has a great business mindset, and people appreciate her for it.

She is loved truly by all those around her, and she is super close to her immediate family. Family means everything to Vicki, and Brian and their daughters are her entire world.

“She loves to travel, spend time with family, stop at local craft beer destinations and go on impromptu adventures with her hubby,” Brian said. “She especially loves working out, posh-marking, following her girls on social media and watching our daughter Madisen play basketball at Grand View University. She’s a crazy basketball mom.”

First and foremost, Vicki is a supporter. While she spends her days running her gym, she spends the rest of her time always being there for her daughters. The three of them are in different walks in life, as Shelby is married, Madisen is playing college basketball, and Kiara is in high school.

That can make it difficult to keep up with each daughter all the time, but not for Vicki. She has consistently made her daughters her number one priority, and that will not ever change.

“She has a heart of gold,” Brian said. “She’s a no nonsense, take-charge woman, plus she’s drop dead gorgeous. She has a kind and caring heart, as well as a take charge, mama bear attitude.”

Vicki is constantly putting other people first and has a very nurturing and loving attitude, but she is also not afraid to tell people how she feels. She realizes that sometimes not sparing people’s feelings can help get a point across, and she does just that.

At the same time, she is by her husband’s side in every situation. Vicki loves her husband, and Brian loves his wife.

“She’s my everything,” Brian said. “She is my wife, my lover and my best friend; the mother of my girls who are my world. I just want her to know how much she means to me and our girls. She’s truly our world and one of a kind.”

Vicki means everything to Brian, Shelby, Madisen and Kiara. They know the love and the support she has shown them over the years has gotten them to where they are at in life, and they are so thankful for that.

They are proud of their mama, and they are happy to see her celebrate another birthday.

“Vicki, you mean the world to me and the girls,” Brian said. “We’ve shared so many memories together and I can’t wait to share so much more. You are the best wife, mother, and my best friend. I love you so much!”super wife saves the day

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