Why are we called My FrontPage Story?

When our company was first started, we had a different name, but the same goal in mind – to bring everyday peoples’ stories to life. We see the same thing over and over again in the front pages of every major newspaper, and our founder wanted to change that narrative.

My FrontPage Story under the title of “The FrontPage Tribune”

What is a tribune exactly? This word is commonly associated with the once self-styled “world’s greatest newspaper,” The Chicago Tribune, but it was called that because of the publishing company that owned them, Tribune Publishing Company. However, that still does not explain what a tribune is.

A tribune was actually the title given to multiple elected ancient Rome officials, so it truly does not have anything to do with newspapers. It is just a fancy title that helps a Chicago-based newspaper stick out. Plus, the fact that no one really knows the definition of a tribune without looking it up is a problem in and of itself.

Why change to My FrontPage Story?

Because they knew The FrontPage Tribune was not going to be a name that would likely stick, our founders had to find a name that would stick and that would draw attention. In comes My FrontPage Story.

My FrontPage Story is not only a name that more people are going to know the true meaning of, but it also aligns with what our true mission is. Our company wants to make the stories we write about one specific person, or business.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we write a lot of stories about couples, and we do not want that to change, but for the sake of explanatory purposes, couples will be considered one specific person in what I am explaining. That said, the stories we write are truly and uniquely yours. It really is your front-page story, hence the term My FrontPage Story.

When you hear the title “My FrontPage Story,” you probably think along the lines of a story that is possessed by a certain person, and you would be correct. Since we write personalized stories about specific people and businesses, we cannot think of a better or more simplistic name for our company. When you get a My FrontPage Story, you are getting a personalized keepsake that is truly yours, and you can show it off to everyone you know.

Everyone deserves to have their own story written about them, and that is our ultimate goal. We hope that you will consider us whenever you are in need of any sort of gift idea in the future!

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