‘My Ride or Die’: Selina Silva means everything to her husband, Will

“I’m just an ordinary man who found and married an extraordinary woman.”

How awesome is that quote about Selina Silva by her husband, Will Seargeant?

It shows humility on his behalf while also putting into perspective just how special Selina is not only to Will but the entire family.

It’s not always easy keeping the peace when you have kids at all let alone five of them in an awesome blended family but that is exactly what Selina has done because it means everything to her.

“She has sacrificed everything for her kids and family,” said Will.

“She is a leader in our home, at work, and in every aspect of her life.”

Leader. It’s another powerful word but one that fits Selina to a tee.

At work, she has been with Amica Insurance for the last 16 years as an agent and is in the top two agents in the company.

At home, she is the leader for her kids Craig, Kyla, and Matthew as well as her step kids Zane and Asher.

She’s even a great mom to pets Blizzard and Bear and simply the greatest grandmother you can imagine to Liam, Cecelia, and Lucas.  She loves being a grandma and the grandkids all call her “Grandma-Lina.”

“She always puts everyone else first and makes sure everyone is taken care of,” said Will, adding, “She is involved with everything her kids had going on and was there every time.”

Selina is a great example of how you can be a leader by putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own.  She will volunteer her time, help the needy and adopts families at Christmas.  She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.  She is a lover of Jesus!  She is also spiritual and holistic and gets her energy from all.

Will knew Selina was special right away.  How special? Special enough that they went on their first two dates on the same day!

It’s true.  The couple met on Facebook dating and talking about insurance which should probably be a lesson for all of us: if you can hit it off talking about insurance you are probably meant to be together!

Anyway, they met up one morning while Will took his son to the skate park and walked and talked for several hours.  By the time Will called her that afternoon they decided to go to dinner that night and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Selina is a lover of life.  She loves nature and everything outdoors,” said Will.

Whether she is hiking in the forest, putting her feet in the water or hugging a tree, she finds solace with nature.

Then again, she also fits right in hanging with the big boys as they down libations in New Orleans.

“After a few drinks she gets the cutest little laugh that I just love,” laughed Will.

“I just love watching her.  She makes me smile every day.”  Her eyes and smile are infectious!

You see that’s the thing about Selina Silva.  No matter the time or the place it just feels like she fits in and is supposed to be there.  Whether it’s in nature or at the office, in New Orleans with the boys or home with her grandbabies, Selina is a natural.

So much so that her husband Will wanted to do something extra special for Christmas this year and have a story written about a woman that most certainly deserves it.

“She is my everything,” said Will, “She is my best friend in this whole world.  She listens and supports me like I’ve never been supported by someone.”

“I love her more than she will ever know.”

“She is my true Ride or Die.”my ride or die

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