‘JUNGLELAND’: This is the Bruce Springsteen song Carl Remian sang to his wife, Karen, that made her fall in love with him

When Carl Remian first met his wife, Karen, he was a line cook at Howard Johnson’s restaurant. However, it was not until Carl went off to college and he started singing Bruce Springsteen songs to her that she realized Carl was the one for her.

Fast forward years later and they are happily married with a well-trained dog, Stella, who is everything to Karen. She is also an awesome great aunt, loving to take care of her nieces’ and nephews’ children. Life has not been all rainbows and butterflies for the Remians, however, and they take life day-by-day, as Karen has had multiple bouts with cancer.

“It was hell watching her go through chemotherapy,” Carl said. “She had dry heaves and went through reconstructive surgery. They didn’t take enough breast tissue out the first time, so it wound up relapsing. She didn’t panic or anything through any of it, and she’s truly amazing for what she went through. My wife’s battled through thyroid cancer and breast cancer; and still fights on.”

Life has thrown many things Karen’s way, and what she has gone through is not easy, but she has remained positive through it all. She is stronger than anyone Carl has ever met, and he is proud of the good fight she puts up every day. Her constant battle speaks testaments to her character and the love she has for life, as well as her family.

Karen fights every single day, not just for herself, but for her family, and they are so proud of her for that. Her cancer does not define her, however, and she is so much more than her cancer.

“Her nephew’s son, Teddy, lights up every time he sees her,” Carl said. “Teddy’s family’s dog, Luna, is also so attached to her; she jumps up to the phone every time she hears Auntie Karen’s name mentioned. Quin and her are also really close. Karen loves babysitting her, and she’ll even go all the way up to New Hampshire just to babysit her for a few hours.”jungleland

Family means everything to Karen, and she truly enjoys every single moment she gets to spend with them. She keeps the Remian house pool available for open invites whenever her family wants to come over to swim and visit, and she will always make sure they are well-fed and are swimming in a clean pool.

“She’s always doing things for other people,” Carl said. “She’s always babysitting her nieces’ and nephews’ dogs, and she loves babysitting her nieces’ and nephews’ children. Karen loves to take all of the  family’s dogs on her hikes with Stella to get them all exhausted. She’s the Pied Piper of all of the family’s dogs.”

Karen is such a selfless person who is always taking care of those around her. She makes sure that her family is taken care of above all else, and she shows people what true care is.

Carl remembers one time when his car got hit and the insurance company kept calling him when he was at work. Eventually, Karen got ahold of them and told them he is busy and to stop calling him and go through HER. She always looks out for her own, and she is always making sure her husband is taken care of.

From telling her husband he needs to buy new golf clubs, to walking Stella with her best friend, Janet, to helping her twin sister, Sharon, during her breast cancer fight as well, Karen always wants what is best for those who matter most to her, and Carl is glad he gets to be married to her.

“She means the world to me, our dog Stella, Sharon and her entire family. She is such a selfless and hard working person. She is everything to me, and I would be lost without her. Karen, I love you and will always be by your side!”

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