Secret Love: Casey is glad that he does not have to keep his love for his wife a secret any longer

When Casey and Tara Rigsby first got together, they had to keep it a secret. They worked together, and they thought their relationship might be frowned upon.

Now they are married, and the secret is out, but when they are at work, they keep any slight bit of contact they might have as strictly professional.

They care so much about one another, and Casey could not imagine a life without Tara now.

“I admire her patience with me and her continued commitment to her family, in particular her mother and brother,” Casey said. “She is great at remembering important dates and tasks that I might forget, and Tara has a concern for the welfare of others. She also shows lots of love for our animals and an attachment to reality.”

Tara has also recently taken on a new daunting but rewarding task: motherhood.

She wants to create the best atmosphere and foundation for their child, and she is always researching good parenting habits, and Casey loves how devoted his wife is to being an extraordinary mother.

This is not the first time she has been a motherly figure, however, as her little brother, Jessie, has always seen Tara as a motherly figure to him.

“My big sister has always been like a second mom to me,” Jessie said. “She is a protector and has helped me out over the years in so many ways. She is someone I know is in my corner no matter what; if I really need her help I can call her, she will come and will not pass any judgment on me for whatever stupid thing I did.”

Tara’s top priority has been taking care of her family. She has always made sure that they come first, whether it be her mother, brother, husband or her child.

She puts so much care and love into being a family-oriented woman, and she loves her family more than anything else.

“She taught me to look out for family, especially family that is younger than you, because that is what she has always done for me,” Jessie said. “She taught me to work hard and finish what you start because she graduated high school when things weren’t always easy, and she went on to college and graduated with a degree when I know things definitely were not easy. I always admired that about her, and it motivated me to want to be better.”

Tara has always shown people that a little hard work and dedication can go a long way to succeeding in every aspect of life, and the people who she is closest to adore her for that.

She, much like Casey, are both very selfless people as well, and it makes them almost a power couple in a way. They will always drop whatever they are doing to help others in need, and they will always put others before themselves.

“She is always honest with everyone and has loyalty and perseverance like no other,” Casey said.

Tara is a very reliable and trustworthy person, and everyone around her always admires everything about her.

She is a special soul, and Casey is glad he gets to do life with Tara.

“I would tell her that I love her; I know I don’t express my feelings very much, but I do love her, and she was a great big sister to me. I love you big sis, and I am very proud of your beautiful family you have created.” – Jessie

“ I love you, Tara. You mean the world to me.” – Caseysecret love

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