‘My Steadfast’: Marlaine makes Donald’s life infinitely better

Marlaine Mance-Law is a very wholesome woman who is full of love and compassion. Her heart is so large, and she is there for everyone in her life.

When her husband Donald married her a year ago to this day, he knew exactly the person he was marrying, and he knew he would become a better man because of it. He knew that his now wife is one of a kind, and Donald falls more and more in love with Marlaine each and every day.

“She’s beautiful, has a nice body, she’s caring, very intelligent, GOD-fearing, and she’s willing to help you out in any way she can,” Donald said.

Marlaine is an everlasting presence in so many people’s lives, and her selflessness is unmatched.

Marlaine is a family woman through and through, and there is nothing she would not do for them. Throughout the first year of being married to her, Donald has felt he has grown closer to her family because of how family oriented she is.

She is especially family oriented when it comes to her children. Marlaine loves her kids – Darryl and Haleigh – more than anything, and she is certainly their number one supporter.

“She is always at their events,” Donald said. “She’s hands-on with their education and betterment of their lives.”

Marlaine is also hands-on when it comes to her relationship with her husband. From planning Donald’s retirement party to showing him the best way to live life, Marlaine is a bedrock in his life.

“She’s caring, taking care of my every need,” Donald said. “She listens to things that I mention I may want without me knowing. She helps me with any and everything to better myself.”

Marlaine is just an uplifting spirit in Donald’s life and the lives of so many others. She builds him up and always has his back.

“She gives me confidence and stays on me to accomplish the things in life I want or need to,” Donald said. “She’s very good with writing and wording things.”

Marlaine also has a way with words that is appreciated and admired by Donald. She always says the right thing and always boosts his spirits.

Marlaine is just a truly caring individual who always looks out for others. She cares so much about her family and friends, and this is even evidenced by the way she treats her grandmother.

“She looks after her grandmother,” Donald said. “If there’s anything her grandmother needs, she makes sure that it’s taken care of.”

Marlaine is like this with everyone, and her selflessness is something that cannot be replaced.

Donald is just grateful for the past year that he has been married to his amazing wife, and he is glad she joined the church organization he grew up a member of.

From the day they met AKA the day party at YOLO, to the Mother’s Day proposal in front of their families, to their wedding day, Donald and Marlaine have already had a world of memories together, and there are bound to be many more.

“Happy Anniversary Marlaine!”

‘My Steadfast’: Marlaine Mance-Law

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