Giving wife, mom is glue that holds family together

Nanishka Muriel-Figueroa is an amazing wife and mom who works incredibly hard to provide for her family. 

Her husband, Kaden Nauman, said Nanishka works crazy hours as an ICU nurse so she can give their sons, Wesley and Thiago, everything they need. 

“She is completely selfless,” Kaden said. “She inspires me and sets an amazing example for our kids. I hope they look and act like their mom who is a fun person that no one dislikes.”

The couple met online and went on their first date at Eno Vino. Kaden said he chose the restaurant because “Nanishka is so beautiful and out of my league that I wanted to find a special place so she knew I knew how lucky I was to date her.”

They both said “I love you” a few weeks into dating, which neither of them had ever done. After taking a stress-free vacation in Jamaica while Nanishka was on crutches with a torn Achilles, and essentially living together for a while they knew they could be together for the long haul.

Although Nanishka is from Puerto Rico, they bought a house in Wisconsin (which she never could have imagined), and they found out she was pregnant their first month living in the house. The happy couple were married in the Ozarks in 2021 and added a second son in 2022. 

Kaden said both Nanishka and their older son, Wesley, are literal miracles to him. When she was eight months pregnant with Wesley, Nanishka was hit by a semi-truck, dragged with no control of her vehicle. The car was totaled but somehow, mom and baby didn’t have a scratch.

“I know how blessed I am to have them both in my life,” Kaden said, “I am thankful for them every single day.”

Nanishka is not just a hard worker, she is fiscally smart with the money she earns. In fact, Kaden said, she took back her engagement ring and exchanged it for a cheaper one when she found out he paid too much. “Who does that?” said Kaden with a sense of awe.

She is blatantly honest and transparent and has zero tolerance for disrespect of any sort. Kaden said he is more of a settler, but she makes him strive to be a better person. He added that Nanishka has also taught him to be a better parent to their sons. 

“Our differences are very glaring, but “we” work so well, and she acknowledges that all the time,” Kaden said. “She is the breadwinner, the beauty of our relationship, and the glue of our household.”

Kaden said he can’t think Nanishka enough for spoiling him with golf memberships as gifts and allowing him to golf every week.  

“She is the most giving person, and the best mother to our boys,” Kaden said, “I deeply appreciate all she does for our family. She is drop dead gorgeous and I will love her forever.”

Nanishka Muriel-Figueroa: The Glue

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