‘He’s A Goodin’: There is no doubt in anybody’s mind where Derrick stands with his wife and family

“Manners and respect will take you further than money”

“I just want everybody to win”

“As long as you do the best you can,you will be alright”



Derrick D’wayne Geddis is known for saying these phrases to family and friends. He is an encourager, a man of great integrity who is constantly looking out for others. Derrick is also very prideful of his family.

His wife Reginia says, “He’s a protector, he has a BIG HEART and he will support you. If you tell him your goals of what you are trying to achieve, he will be there with you every step of the way… just don’t back slide. He may fuss, but he will still help you get on track.

“He is always willing to help, he will ask, ‘How can I help? What do you need me to do?’”

He is a God-fearing man as well. These are just a few of many reasons Reginia says why she loves Derrick so much.

Derrick’s Lil Derrick says, “My dad is always going to have a talk with you, and whether it’s five minutes or an hour, when he is done you are definitely going to learn from it.

“My dad is Dad first, an encourager, friend, and motivator. He is a family man and will do anything he can to help you. In my eyes he is THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!”

Derrick’s son Emmanuel says, “There’s a lot of things I can say about Mr. Derrick, but there’s just not enough characters on my keyboard to say them all. What I can say is he is definitely a good role model as far as showing what it is to be a hard working man and how to take care of your household. I love and appreciate Mr. Derrick for not only the role he plays in my life, but most importantly in my mother’s life, my siblings’ and his grandkids’ lives.

Derrick’s daughter Beaunca says, “I appreciate the words of advice that he gives and how he is there for me and his grandkids. It takes a village to raise children, and Papa Derrick has definitely played a very important role in the village. Thanks Papa Derrick for all that you do. You are greatly appreciated. 

Derrick’s daughter Samonté says, “From day one I knew he was a good guy. He didn’t try to force a relationship with me or come off fake, we just clicked. He never called me his wife’s child, but he always called me HIS DAUGHTER!

“We bump heads a little (not often), but I know for a fact (Alex Papa) he loves us! MY MR. DERRICK shows he loves me by calling to check on us and spending time with me and Alex. He just takes care of the entire family.

“He has seen me at my best and my worst and he has NEVER judged me. Mr. Derrick has taught me what the head of house should look like, finances, how to bargain, how to fish, how to eat good and how to have a GOOD DAM TIME! (That’s what he would say.)”

Derrick’s wife Reginia says he is a giver and is always willing to help. If you help him once he will help you 10 times over. He is all about family. Derrick is a hard worker. His motto is “I work hard so I can play hard.”

Derrick was also recently promoted as a Header for ILA. That position came from him having impeccable work ethics, for being a fair person and good person

“ Life with Derrick has been exciting, frustrating at times, amazing, breathtaking and he has made life worth living! HE IS A GOODIN AND I LOVE HIM WITH EVERYTHING IN ME!” – Reginia

‘He’s A Goodin’: Derrick Geddis

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