My sweet tooth is tingling every time I have the black forest cake

In the world of numerous amazing dessert recipes, no one can reject the delicious cake that has chocolate shavings along with cherries and white cream. Yes, on March 28, we get to celebrate National Black Forest Cake Day.

The origin of the black forest cake has many different historical versions. Some believed that this cake was invented in a German town called Baden-Wurttemberg, which was known as the first place to add chocolate to desserts.

Additionally, Baden-Wurttemberg was also famous for its sour cherries and a type of cherry brandy called kirschwasser. In this case, people believed that the name of the black forest cake came from alcohol.

This town basically had all the needed ingredients for making a black forest cake, and they all became very well-known, so that’s why so many people were convinced about this fact.

Another story was that the cake was invented by Josef Keller, a pastry chef at Caf Arend in Bad Godesberg in 1915. Keller began making the black forest cake after years of experience working as a pastry cook, and it eventually turned popular around the 1930s.

The third edition of the creation of the black forest cake came from a master patissier, Erwin Hildenbrand, who had worked in several areas of the German Black Forest. In 1930, he came up with this dessert recipe.

Although finding the root of the black forest cake contains much debate, a lot of history scholars believed that Keller’s story was the most authentic one.

In 2015, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the existence of the black forest cake. Today, it has been enjoyed in many parts of the world, from Germany and Austria to the United States.

Everyone loves sweet treats. So why don’t you put on a chef hat, get ready to get those hands full of whipped cream and chocolate and make a cake on your own? I know I can’t wait for this.

All in all, today it’s not only a celebration of this mouth-watering dessert, but it also allows us to appreciate different cultures and explore their history through food.

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