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Every year on January 23, it’s the observation of National Pedro Day as well as National Pie Day, turning into a double celebration for the Pedros.

Pedro is a Spanish and Portuguese male-given name that came from the latin word “petra”, which means stone or rock.

In ancient Spain and Portugal, Peter was equivalent to Pedro. Therefore, in 1195, Ralph Peter became the first recorded spelling of the last name. Later in 1911, Pedro became a popular surname in the state of New Mexico.

In addition to distinguishing Pedro in people’s names, it also appeared in the form of art. In 1960, a Hindi album called “Pedro” that was created by Bulo Rani with five featured songs came out to the public. Afterwards, in 2008, the first Pedro American film was released.

Some well-known people have had the name Pedro. For instance, a Portuguese military leader and explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral, known as the European Discoverer of Brazil, led the first significant exploration of South America in 1500.

Another notable figure, Pedro Juan Rosselló González was the governor of Puerto Rico from 1993 to 2001 as well as a physician and politician. From 1991 to 1999, he developed into a supervisor of the New Progressive Party. Later in 2003, he became the party’s president. Two years later, he represented the District of Arecibo in the Senate.

The name of Pedro has been on the American naming charts for decades. It has a long history ever since with a common usage among the growing Hispanic and Latino populations in the United States.

Names are a unique way to identify different people. Take today to celebrate with people because their names can make them feel good, regardless of how odd or fun it sounds.

If you know someone named Pedro who signifies a long and important Spanish tradition, buy a box of chocolate or write a warm card to surprise them on this special day.

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