‘Perfect For Me’: There are so many positive things to be said about the woman that is Neely Schaefer

It started at the Pony Express County Fair. Lance was holding Neely during the Win A Live Fish Bowl Game and they could just feel a strong connection. That is the first time Lance confessed his love for Neely, and things only continued to go well from there.

Lance knew pretty early on in their relationship that Neely was someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and now, all these years later, he could not imagine having anyone better than Neely by his side.

Neely is the air Lance breathes. She’s the partner he knows would never hurt him (or their kids). She is the woman he can lock eyes with and be lost in them for hours.

So, who is this woman Lance could not imagine life without?

“Neely is the most beautiful woman in the world to me,” he said. “Her love is endless. She runs our house like a general. She is organized, and everything must be in order. At the same time she is the sweetest to those she loves. She helps me run my business IQ Electric. She is the office manager, and business has never been more profitable than it is now.”

Neely is the one who takes charge in the Schaefer house, and she does a great job of it. She is the glue that holds everything together, and she is the one that also holds everyone accountable. She cares about the ones she loves and she is dedicated to everything she does.

Part of this devotion goes toward being the office manager of Lance’s business. She is great at what she does, as Neely is an organizational fiend. She loves keeping everything well-run in the business, and Lance will tell you the business would not be the same without her.

The Schaefer family would not be  the same without Neely either. She is a devoted wife but also a truly exceptional mother. She does everything for the good of the family, and family will always be her number one priority.

“She organizes who has baseball, basketball and football practice and games, as well as who has appointments,” Lance said. “Neely just does everything for her family. Her family is her life, and she loves her family. She says when the kids are gone, she and I will have our time together. But the thought of kids moving out always makes her cry.”

With four kids – Alex (20), Abbey (15), Ryker (10) and Gannon (7) – Neely is constantly finding herself busy with them… and that is the way she likes it. She loves being there for them through all walks of life, and she definitely loves being their support system.

Neely is also each of her kids’ cheerleaders. She knows the needs of each of them and is always there for all their activities and everything in between. They all know they can count on Mom to be there, and that is awesome.

“She gives every kid their own individual attention,” Lance said. “She does not favor one child over another. She loves them fiercely. Damned is the fool that would hurt one of her children. She will protect them like a mama bear does her cubs.”

Don’t ever cross any of Neely’s kids. She will fight for them until the end of time.

She is also a great role model to her children. Not just in the sense of being there for them at all times, but also in the sense of how she treats her husband. They get to see the bond between Lance and Neely each and every day, and seeing the way their mom treats their dad is not a relationship they will witness often.

“I admire her endless love, her sacrifice for her husband and her kids, and the way she takes care of herself,” Lance said. “She is a true fox! I love her with everything I am.”

Of course, Lance also appreciates the way Neely helps him out in every facet of his life. She helps make him a better person, a better father and a better businessman. But more than that, she helps him learn so many things on a daily basis, and Lance sees her as his own role model of sorts.

“She helps me organize my life,” he said. “She supports me in everything I do. When there are times I cannot take the stress of the business and life, she carries me through it until I am ready to shoulder the load again. I could not live this life without her. I would not be near as successful in business or near as fulfilled in life without her and the undying love she has for me.”

The moment Neely entered Lance’s life was the moment his life got infinitely better and changed in the best way possible. He will always be thankful for that, and he will always love her for all she does for him.

He loves having a family with Neely and he loves living each and every day with her by his side. She is the one for him. She is his soulmate.

“I will love you, Neely, for the rest of my life. I will not hurt you for the rest of my life. You mean everything in the world to me, and I could not live this life without you. You are also just the best mother in the world, in my eyes you are as perfect as someone can hope to be.” – Lance

Neely Schaefer - ‘Perfect For Me'

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