‘I Will Always Love You’: Marydawn is loved and appreciated by her husband, and he is thankful that she decided to settle down with him

Marydawn Kornmeier is an extraordinary woman.

From being a devoted wife to an exceptional mother of three, there is nothing she is incapable of doing. Marydawn loves hard and is always there for others, and her personality truly speaks for itself.

“She is always supportive,” her husband Rick said. “Marydawn is helpful and she cares about me and our family. I do the 9 to 5 job but she always makes sure everything runs smoothly in between. She makes sure everything is taken care of – from appointments to dinner – and she takes care of the little things to make life easier for me. I am not the easiest person to get along with and she knows it, but she always goes the extra mile to make it work.”

Marydawn is willing to do what it takes to show her husband how much she loves him, and he is definitely appreciative of this fact.

Rick is also glad to have her on board with their business. Not many couples can manage running a business together too well, but Marydawn makes it easy for Rick to work with her.

“She helps manage our business from home now since we moved to Jefferson, Georgia six months ago,” Rick said. “She takes care of the books (taxes and bills), payroll and more. If we need anything else done, she’ll help out.”

This work ethic should not come as a surprise, either. Marydawn is as selfless and helpful as they come, and that clearly stretches beyond the way she treats others.

Speaking of which, Marydawn loves people beyond belief, but there is not a single soul who comes before her children. Kelsie, Shane and Tiffani are Marydawn’s number one priority, and they know they will always have her love and support.

“She goes above and beyond for them,” Rick said. “For our daughter Tiffani, Marydawn was her cheerleading coach at the school for multiple years. She helped out in class when she was younger too and was always there for her.

“Marydawn was the one who always had the amazing Halloween party that everyone looked forward to. The huge end of the year pool party too. She made it fun for the kids, and our house was always the hangout house because of my wife making it fun for everyone all the time.”

And these are the fun times and memories her children will take with them forever. They are the memories that will be talked about for decades to come, and rightfully so.

Marydawn is such a caring, empathetic individual who is constantly looking out for others, and she clearly has a lot of fun bones in her body.

She is also a very optimistic person. She tries to see the brighter side of every situation, and this is something Rick appreciates about his wife.

“She is absolutely beautiful and I still feel like I did when we met,” he said. “She always tries her best to smile and be happy no matter what happens. She makes sure to spend within our means and never puts us in a bind. Her motivation to exercise and run to keep in shape is so impressive to me. She puts the needs of our family ahead of hers and always has.”

Rick said his wife is also not afraid to speak up. Whether this means standing up for herself or her loved ones or simply getting a deserved discount, Marydawn is not afraid to use her voice.

People also know where they stand with Marydawn. She tells it like it is, but she is also constantly showering love over her true friends.

To Rick, Marydawn is the same person he fell in love with essentially from the moment he met her 20 years ago. She is that same special, loving, devoted person, and she is as strong and determined as they come.

“It was strange but the feeling of wanting to spend the rest of my life with her was just something I felt pretty much from the start,” Rick said. “I had no doubts about that then and have never had any since. It was what you read about in fairytale books and say, ‘whatever,’ but I’ve felt that way from the day we met.”

There is a good reason why Marydawn stuck out to Rick right from the start. She is an amazing woman with an amazing heart, and people like her do not come around often.

Rick and the kids love and appreciate Marydawn and everything she does for them, and they cannot imagine life without her. She is truly one of a kind, and she is loved for such.

“She should never doubt my love for her. I may not make it always come across like it should, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there because it is and always has been. We are apart three to four days a week right now and it’s more difficult on us both, but it’s what we needed for our daughter Tiffani, and things will only get better from here. I miss not being with her every day, but I want her to know she’s always loved and appreciated.” – Rick

‘I Will Always Love You’: Marydawn Kornmeier

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