“She’s The Person I Want To Grow Old With”

True love finds a way. For Rodney and his wife Lenora, they learned this first hand after dating, going their separate ways and then finding their way back to each other later on in life.

It might have taken a while for Rodney and Lenora to realize they were truly meant for one another, but to Rodney, a woman like Lenora is more than worth the wait. She is special in so many ways, and he loves everything about her.

“I love her willingness to forgive,” Rodney stated. “She loves God and is a minister in our church home. She is also very detail oriented, which is the opposite of me.”

Lenora pays attention to the biggest and smallest of details, which bodes well in so many areas of life. It helps her in her relationships, as she is genuinely invested and cares about all the details they tell her.

It is also one of the many ways Lenora balances Rodney out. They complement each other very well, and Rodney loves this about her.

Rodney really appreciates the walk his wife has in faith as well. She loves the Lord and puts Him first in everything, and this is something that is more than admirable.

Her walk with the Lord helps Lenora in her forgiveness toward others, on top of many other things. She also just loves people with all her heart and would do anything for anyone.

Lenora would definitely do anything for family above all else. She is an ever-present person who makes sure her loved ones have everything they need, and her family really appreciates this about her.

“I admire the fact that she asked me to help raise her two nephews with her two sons,” Rodney said. “She also facilitated the nephews meeting their mom again after the mom spent her time in prison.”

When certain things happen, you have to be willing to adapt, and this is exactly what Lenora did when her nephews lost their father. She took them in without hesitation, and giving them a place to call home was exactly what they needed at the time.

More than just being an exceptional aunt, Lenora is an extraordinary mother. She raised James and Nicholas to be the amazing men they are today, and Rodney knows it is all because of her mothering abilities. Lenora nurtured them when they needed to be nurtured, disciplined them when they needed to be disciplined, and she was a role model when she needed to be a role model, including when they took in James and Nick’s cousins.

“She is a good mother and aunt because she helped all the boys find activities that would mold and shape their lives while keeping them busy and out of trouble,” Rodney said. “Many of those music and artistic endeavors are still a big part of their lives today.”

Lenora has been a very supportive mother too. Her boys know they can count on her to this very day, and that if they call her up she will be there for them.

Moreover, Lenora’s faith in God played a large part in the way she raised her boys. It also plays a large part in the way she lives her everyday life, and it even guided her schooling path.

“Lenora received a Doctorate Of Theology,” Rodney said.

She is a woman of sound mind and of great faith, and her husband more than appreciates this. Lenora’s love of God has helped guide them in so many ways, including helping Rodney find more faith of his own.

“She helped me find a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he said. “My wife also keeps me on task when I commit to an activity. Additionally, she reminds me to remember the details.”

Rodney could not do it without his wife, and he is glad he does not have to. She is his world and the one person he cannot live without, and he is super grateful for all she does for him. He wants her to remember that she means everything, and that he is looking forward to living the rest of his life with Lenora by his side.

“I love my wife and want to grow old together.” – Rodney

“She’s The Person I Want To Grow Old With”

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