Love Finds A Way: Nolan and Raven have not let any of life’s curveballs get in the way of finding true love

Life is full of second chances.

Nolan Peterson and Raven Thomas realize this and they do not take things for granted. They have an unbreakable love for one another that is as special a love as it comes, and they also have an unconditional love for their 3-year-old daughter, Ruby Monroe.

“They’re actually meant for each other,” Nolan’s father, Marty, said. “Raven is so patient with Nolan. I’m not sure if there is any other woman who could deal with him, as he gets very anxious. They are made for one another. He just has some quirks that only Raven knows how to deal with, and they just have fun together.”

Raven and Nolan are both very hardworking, loving, patient people who would do anything for anyone. They complement each other very well, and there is no doubt in Marty’s mind that their marriage is meant to be.

That said, the fact that they are able to get married today is a complete miracle in the first place, and they are just both so thankful for the opportunity to say, “I do.”

At just 12 years old, Nolan was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor that led to a 10-hour surgery that was successful due to a mix of having a wonderful surgeon and having God’s great grace watching over him that day. And while it has left him with some fair share of complications even to this day, Nolan has always kept a positive outlook on life.

“It was by an act of God and it’s a miracle that he is alive,” Marty said. “He went from right-handed to left handed and missed the prime of his childhood, but he has been grateful through it all. The whole situation gave him a different perspective on life, and to this day he brings that perspective wherever he goes. He doesn’t put anybody down and he’s not bitter over this. He is just grateful and a great testimony to myself and his mother.”

Now he is getting married to the love of his life, and Nolan knows how lucky and blessed he is to have such a wonderful woman by his side. Raven is a great provider to both himself and their daughter, and she is truly the perfect match for Nolan.

Raven and Nolan are great people, and they are certainly great parents. They have a love for Ruby unlike any other, and they would truly do anything for her. She is being raised with strong morals and values because of her parents, and Raven and Nolan hope to one day bring Ruby some siblings into this world.

“They both love her like crazy,” Marty said. “Raven caters to her. She is doing an internship at a local elementary school, being a full-time mother and going to school, and she is making it all work. Ruby is very smart and really happy, thanks to her parents, as they both make sure she is taken care of. For Nolan, he likes being there for family, and I truly enjoy seeing my boy take care of his girls.”

Raven and Nolan have happy-go-lucky attitudes toward life, and they are great role models to Ruby. Their love for her is something that is easy to notice, and the bond between the three of them is unbreakable.

Raven and Nolan are more than just a great couple and great parents as well, as they both take care of everyone all around them. Their positive outlook on life allows them to always give people the benefit of the doubt, and they like to spare people’s feelings… in a good way.

“They’re both very non-confrontational,” Marty said. “They both don’t want to say anything to offend anyone. They are just very complementary to one another, and they are both very easygoing. Raven is number one in Nolan’s life besides Ruby, and vice versa, and he loves those two girls and they both know that.”

While Raven and Nolan are both so caring for everyone, everything always circles back to the love they have for each other, as well as the love they have for Ruby. There is a connection between Ruby and Nolan that assures them their marriage will be built to last, and they understand all of the important things that go into creating a sustainable, happy marriage.

They are both family-oriented people who will always be there to take care of their loved ones, and they both cherish their time with one another. Family first is a motto they will always live by, and it is something that is appreciated by many of the people they are closest to.

“Nolan always answers my phone calls,” Marty said. He is always there for his mom and is very considerate of us both. Nolan always responds and he is always there for us.”

That is how Nolan and Raven both are, and they both have a sense of genuineness that is second to none.

They both cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for them once they take each other’s hand in marriage, as they are looking forward to many more adventures together.

From their vacations with Raven’s family to spending time with everyone during the holidays, to being able to continue cherishing the time they have together, Nolan and Raven have a bright, healthy, happy marriage in store for them.

“They are saving to buy a house now,” Marty said. “Raven is frugal, which is a huge help for their finances. They also want to focus on raising Ruby as well as allow her to continue building her own relationships, such as with her cousins Scottie and Joey Clare. They are both just looking forward to seeing Ruby really growing up with her family. Having a family unit is important to Nolan and Raven, and they are looking forward to building a good, stable family.”

There are great things on the horizon for this happy couple, and they are not going to take anything for granted. Life has given them a chance at happiness and success, and they are not planning to throw that away anytime soon.

Happy Wedding Day you two. You deserve it!

“I just want Nolan to know how proud I am of everything he went through and being able to adjust to it all,” Marty said. “Both of them have been through some things, especially Nolan, but with each other they can get through anything.”
love finds a way

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