‘Talk To Me’: Stephanie always wants conversation from Bruce, and will put “Talk to Me” on the tombstone

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind how special Stephanie Dixon is, especially to her husband Bruce. She does so many things for him and his family, and while many of them might not be talked about, they are noticed and appreciated. Bruce and the boys know that she would do anything for the good of her family, and that is amazing.

Stephanie is also a woman with a lot of character and whose personality is so full of exceptional things. There is not enough time in the day to talk about how great of a woman she is, and it is definitely easy to see why her family loves and appreciates her as much as they do.

“She is lovable, kind, caring, faithful, technically challenged sometimes, passionate, loves dancing and is my best friend,” Bruce said.

What Stephanie lacks in technological knowledge she more than makes up for in every other category. She has a big heart and cares so much about everyone in her life, and everything she does she is dedicated to. She works hard and plays harder, and Bruce loves this about her.

Stephanie is a high school social studies teacher with over three decades under her belt, and her knowledge of the subject mixed with her heart for the kids she teaches makes her the most ideal teacher. Her students that have gone through her classroom were better off because of it, and having Mrs. Dixon was a pleasure for many.

Stephanie loves all people in her life too, not just the kids she has taught. She has such a heart for people and she makes life better just by being her. Well, that and her cooking.

“She’s a busy body, loves cooking for others, caring for others and she’s a great cook,” Bruce said. “She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.”

People make Stephanie happy. She loves spending time with them, and she loves doing things for them.

She definitely loves her family too. Her family means the world to Stephanie, and every single one of her family members has nothing but good things to say about her.

Stephanie is a great wife. She is there for Bruce through thick and thin, and he knows that no matter what happens in life, his wife is going to have his back.

Her sons realize this too. BJ (26) and Braylen (20) may both be in their young adult stages in life, but that does not stop them from needing their mother. They know they can call her day or night and she will be there at the drop of a hat.

“She is a wonderful mother to my two sons,” Bruce said. “Family and faith come first. Everything must be fair and equitable!”

Stephanie stays true to her morals and values above all else. This was especially important when it came to raising BJ and Braylen, and they both know they would not be where they are without their mother’s care and dedication.

“She always wants the best for our family,” Bruce said.

And she always provides that for them. Stephanie has provided a great life for the Dixon family, and she is the most reliable wife and mom in the world.

For Bruce, loving her is the easiest thing he has ever done. From the moment they met until now, Stephanie has been at the forefront of his mind, and rightfully so. She is special, and she would “KUT” anyone to protect Bruce and his family.

“She was easy to talk with and have a conversation with about our lives, interests, families and plans without judgment,” Bruce said.

Stephanie is nonjudgmental, giving people the benefit of the doubt. She is also someone who loves life and lives it to the fullest, and she is so full of laughs.

There are infinite reasons as to why Bruce holds her so near and dear to his heart and why he plans to never let her go.

“I appreciate all the little things she does for me and our family. She is the most important person in the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day to my Valentine. You mean the world to me and the boys.” – Bruce

‘Talk To Me’: Stephanie Dixon

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