Special Sister: It’s easy to see why Erin’s siblings and family speak so highly of her

Erin MacLeod is a boss of a waitress who is an even better family member to her loved ones. She is beloved by her parents, siblings and friends, and they know that she makes their lives much better and much more fun.

“She is a MacLeod: loyal, loud, funny and says like it is,” Erin’s brother Colin said. “She will die on any hill because she is always right. Erin is a sweet, loving, shirt-off-her-back kind of girl.”

Erin will do anything for anyone. She has a big heart and cares so much, and she does not like it when people cross her family.

Erin’s generosity runs far and wide too.

She also loves life and lives it to the fullest. She enjoys solving puzzles and reading poetry, taking walks on the beach, doing charity work, smoking and drinking, and she is the most competitive board game player Colin and the rest of the family have ever met.

She is a MacLeod through and through, and her family cannot say enough how much they love and appreciate all Erin does for them.

“As a sister she always has our backs,” Colin said. “She is witty, funny, tough and loving.”

Erin loves her Vancouver Canucks and she loves “being obnoxious” too. She makes life memorable and has always been there for her family.

Somehow, some way, in a family as tight knit as the MacLeods are, Erin sticks out for her love, care and compassion. She is probably the most genuinely generous person out of her whole clan, which is part of the reason they love her as much as they do.

Erin is a great friend to many as well. All of the friends she has in her life are friends she focuses on. She is there at the drop of a hat for any of them who may need something, and she is appreciated for that fact.

Not bad for an adopted girl, eh? (She is not really adopted, but this is an inside joke Erin and her siblings have.)

All kidding aside, Erin’s personality is top notch and it is no wonder this 44-year-old is so admired by everyone around her.

“Happy birthday from Colin, Lola and Bina! We love you! Birthday haiku

Star dust we may be

You will always be crazy

Long time we love you.”

“I want Erin to know that she is so loved and such an important part in all of her family’s and friends’ lives.” – Colin

Special Sister: Erin MacLeod

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