Never Give Up: Emma is a loving wife and mother who has shown what happens when you persevere in life

Emma Marques’ story is one of perseverance and never giving up.

Emma immigrated from Mexico to Sunnyvale, California, on November 16, 1990. Shortly after she arrived, she began working at Wienerschnitzel, and this is actually where she wound up meeting her now husband of over 30 years, Joe.

When Joe first met Emma, she barely knew a lick of English and Joe did not know much Spanish past “Hola,” but that did not stop them from having an instant connection. They started talking about Emma’s life in Mexico and then later bonded through teaching each other some of their favorite dishes from their home countries.

Jump forward to 2022, and now Joe and Emma are happily married and they have owned and operated eight Wienerschnitzels, a reminder of where it all began. They also have four wonderful children together. Oh, and this year Emma finally received her citizenship to the United States, which is something to celebrate.

All this being said, we also want to talk about who Emma really is. Joe dove into what his wife’s personality is like and what makes her who she is, and you can certainly tell that he is proud to be married to her.

“Emma is a very driven individual with high principles and a very hard work ethic,” Joe said. “She is very loyal and a good wife and mother. She is very strict with her children and expects a lot from them. When Emma says she is going to do something, she gets it done. Although not well educated (she only made it to 8th grade) she is very smart and savvy.”

As mentioned before, Emma is a very perseverant individual. But more than that, she is someone who has a lot of grit and determination. She is not afraid to challenge herself and push herself to new limits, and that is amazing.

She is also someone with a lot of wit. She has a high intellect and is also someone who is just overall easy to get along with.

Plus, Emma is a truly wonderful mother who would do anything for her children. She loves them beyond belief, and she is their number one supporter. They are her priority, and this makes Joe proud.

Coming from a family where she has 11 siblings and over 30 nieces and nephews, it should not come as any surprise that family comes first for Emma. Not just her own children – Jeremy (29), Anna (26), Natalie (21) and Jason (19) – but her parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and everyone in between are all people that Emma holds near and dear to her heart.

“I admire her love for her family. She demands a lot from them,” Joe said. “She is very helpful to all and her work ethic is off the charts.”

One thing that Joe seemed to harp on when it comes to his wife is her work ethic. This is something that not only sticks out to him, but it is something that their children have all learned from and admired about their mother.

On top of this, Emma is also an outdoorsy person. She loves getting outside and growing plants, among many other hobbies that she tries to make time for.

“Emma Loves working outside in her garden and yard. She truly has a green thumb,” Joe said. “She has taken many pieces of plants and turned them into beautiful plants in her garden. She loves doing small projects to keep the house functioning too. She also likes reading comics and watching her Spanish novellas. Emma loves to cook and her specialties are Mexican and Italian.”

Talk about a well-rounded person. So many of Emma’s hobbies are centered around keeping her house clean and presentable, and that is something Joe appreciates about her.

He also appreciates the fact that he gets to be married to Emma. Being on this journey with her has been outstanding, and he would not want to spend his life with anyone different.

“She is my wife and life partner,” Joe said. “She has been there for most of the time in my adult life. That has meant a lot to me.”

Emma has been a constant in Joe’s life, and he is thankful for that.

She has also been a constant in their children’s lives, and she has been a role model of success and determination. Her family is all grateful for who Emma is, and they are glad to have her as the matriarch of the Marques clan.

“She has been a loving wife and good mother that has stood by her family and my friends over the years. I love her passion for making the holidays special and am thankful for all that we have shared and done over the last 30 years.” – Joe

never give up - Emma Marques

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