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halloween costume

Trick or treat?

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 31, 2022

October 31, undoubtedly, is the creepiest holiday of the year: Halloween.

On this day, children usually dress up as their favorite characters, go around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. At the same time, ghostly decorations will fill each house, including spiders and webs, witchers’ hats as well as a variety of pumpkins.

The origin of Halloween can be dated back before the 16th century and draws from its early Christian past. In old Scottish, the word “Hallowe’en” represented “All Hallows’ Evening”, which was the day before praising all the Catholic Church’s heavenly saints.

Around the 8th Century, the Chrisitans would honor the dead on Nov 2, thus the night before became the widely known Hallows Eve.

After all, the Hallows Day was moved up a day, October 31 developed into All Hallows Eve until today.

In the 19th century, Halloween increasingly spread in the United States. By the 1920s and 30s, a great deal of parades and events took place across the country. Later on, this day became a major holiday for the children by the 1950s.

Nowadays, Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday nationwide with over $6 million being spent each year.

Halloween makes all of us get to be kids again, so be sure to throw several different costume parties, knock on your neighbors’ doors to gain some candies, or watch a horror movie with your best friends or family members.


difficult roads motivation

Make a difference by going the extra mile (Extra Mile Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

November 1, 2022

November 1 is the Extra Mile Day, which encourages people to “go the extra mile” and impact this world in positive ways.

The term “go the extra mile” first appeared in the 1900s, in fact of being considered to be a reference from the Bible — “Whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.”

In 2011, an organization called the Extra Mile America established this holiday on the first day of November, inspiring people to change just a little thing around them and meet a better self.

By November 2014, more than 527 cities in the United States began celebrating this holiday.

You can apply your additional effort in many places to make each day worthwhile. For example, surprise your loved ones, do your colleagues a favor or volunteer in the local community.


helping hand

Share your good deeds with the community (Be The Impact Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

November 2, 2022

Pat Miller, the International Executive Director of Pure International Pageants, introduced the campaign “Be The Impact” on November 2, 2020.

The goal of this establishment is to motivate each individual to work together and make this world a better place.

Each action we take leaves an impact. Therefore, we can all collaborate to make numerous positive changes in the world, no matter how big or small.

Some of the activities that we can contribute back to our community include joining a volunteer organization from your local church, starting a community project to improve the life qualities of other people, or going to help your neighborhood when they are in need.


cliche selfie

Amuse yourself by playing a cliché game (Cliché Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

November 3, 2022

We can always hear different clichés in our daily lives, whether they are funny, boring or annoying.

For the purpose of celebrating people combine clichés into daily conversations. Every year, November 3 is transformed into Cliché Day.

Clichés are an integral part of a movie, a book or a song. Many clichés have left unforgettable impacts on the audience when we first hear them. If we use them correctly, they could be very enjoyable and hilarious.

Additionally, it is very interesting to learn how cliché grows into part of our language. So, use today to share your favorite cliché on social media and have fun with it.


community service

A small act can make a big difference in the community (Community Service Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

November 4, 2022

The National Community Service Day is a public holiday celebrated on November 4 after Dominica’s Independence Day.

On Nov 3, 1978, The United Kingdom finally ended their rule over the Caribbean island nation of Dominica. Thus, Dominica was declared as an independent nation.

However, the streets usually became filthy with endless amounts of garbage after the celebration of Independence Day. In this case, the government proclaimed a community service day to encourage its citizens to join the clean-up activities.

In support of this significant holiday, the government will offer trash bags, gloves, trash grabber tools as well as garbage pickup services to each community.

Environmental protection has always been a crucial topic.

We can develop a better ecological environment by planting more trees, buying products with recyclable packages, donating used items and a lot more.

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