Brittany Moffitt: Live, Laugh, Love

Although he was bogged down with work at the time, one of the best decisions Delonte Smith ever made in his life was stopping and interviewing Brittany Moffitt for a job. Sure, she brought wonderful qualities to the job and worked hard for the business, but in the scheme of life, this meeting was the beginning of something far more significant. What Delonte didn’t know that day, when he started to ask Brittany questions, was that she would become his rock, his partner, his love.

Brittany’s strength and character can be seen in the struggles she has persevered through and come out with a positive outlook in life. This outlook is infectious, but Brittany is not naïve. She has an intelligence that lends to deep conversations which can influence and motivate her partner.

Delonte says, “She installed more freedom in my work which then helped me be better and less stressful. She’s elevated my mental space through intelligent conversation and making me think deeply and logically about all topics. Waking up every day and seeing how she approaches life after everything she’s been through helps me ease the stress in my life.  I know I have her support in all that I do which is extremely helpful to keep me motivated and driven.”

Brittany was born on a Halloween in North Carolina to Frances Moffitt. Frances also gave Brittany her close friend and sister, Natalie. In turn, Natalie, gave her sister a nephew, Nico, to love and dote on. Brittany has many great qualities, but it’s her passion and care that she pours into her family. Brittany lost both of her parents too soon in life but through her grief and struggle, she was made even stronger and more resilient.

“She has been through a lot with losing both parents. Dealing with that molded her into an incredible woman that I love deeply. I want her to know that I appreciate all she does for me. Although, I spend a lot of time working, I’m so thankful she understands and sees the bigger picture. The amount of gratitude I have for her understanding is out of this world, and the love I have for her is something I’ve never felt before. Without her I would be lost and with her I am unstoppable.”

The future holds great possibilities for Delonte and Brittany (and their beloved pit-bull named Blu). When they aren’t grinding away building a business, they spend time travelling, dancing and enjoying music. Through it all, it’s Brittany’s hard work and compassion that has allowed them to become a great team and family.

When describing his admiration for Brittany, Delonte says, “I admire her strength and her perseverance. I’m so happy to see her grow and become a better woman every day. I admire her for all she does for our family, and just how much she’s able to tolerate me, my hectic work schedule and my love for sports.”live, laugh, love

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