Others First: No matter the situation, Jennifer Barrett is going to make sure you feel loved and welcomed

Jennifer Barrett is her husband Mike’s best friend, and she is one of his daughter Brooke’s top confidants.

When Mike thinks of words to describe his wife, there is certainly no shortage of them: beautiful, smart, funny, adventurous, caring, selfless, just to name a few. She means so much to him, and he truly wants her to know that she is the most important person in his life.

“She means a lot to me,” Mike said. “I think I take good confederation that she’s there. I take her for granted, but I’m trying not to.”

Despite the fact that he does not always do the best job at showing it, Mike loves his wife more than anything in the world, and he is very grateful for her. He knows that his life would be completely different without her, and he does not want to have to think about that.

He also realizes how good and supportive Jennifer is of him, as does Mike’s daughter.

“She supports him 24/7, but sadly she supports him too much in his obsession with the Oregon Ducks,” Brooke said. “And she’s not afraid to call him out when he is wrong, because he thinks he’s ALWAYS right.”

That’s just the type of person Jennifer is, though. She is always going to put others’ needs and interests before herself, and she is going to always be supportive of everyone around her.

Jennifer is particularly supportive of Brooke, as she has always wanted what is best for her. She has been right by her side every step of the way in life, and she will continue to be someone Brooke can count on until the end of time.

“She makes sure my daughter is taken care of while she is away,” Mike said. “She also visits New York with my ex-wife to assure all transactions go smoothly and that they are on the same page. She is also asking my ex-wife if she wants to go to Italy with her and my daughter. She sends care packages to my daughter for every holiday she is not home. She encourages my daughter to act responsibly, and also to enjoy her experience in New York. Jennifer helped her with setting up banking accounts, and teaches her how to be responsible.”

Jennifer is someone who is always welcoming of everyone around her. She wants to put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter who it is, and she always wants the best life for everyone around her.

She shows a sense of care and compassion that not many people today show, and it is something that is truly appreciated by everyone around her.

“She’s outgoing,” Mike said. “She likes to take care of people and make other lives better. She helps solve problems. She is also a big animal volunteer and she loves her mother a whole lot. She plans things out for people. She’ll take the reins in any situation to help make sure everyone involved is taken care of.”

Something else that Mike admires about his wife is the fact that she is always there for her mother. Jennifer has such a strong bond and a great relationship with her mom, and it makes Mike even prouder of his wife than he already is.

“My wife feels loves her parents more than anything, so she tries to go down there for major holidays,” Mike said. She wants her mom to feel included and like she has something to look forward to. Jennifer is also big on taking trips with her mom, although the international traveling is out of the question for her now.”

Jennifer’s relationship with her mom is a sight to behold, and it is something that many people can learn from.

She is also someone who loves to travel and has a sense of adventure. She and Mike have experienced many new cultures throughout their marriage, and Jennifer’s fun-loving, adventurous spirit also leads her to having a new hairstyle each week.

Jennifer is also someone who is truly a hard working individual. She is diligent and is going to go above and beyond to achieve the task at hand.

“I admire her persistence! She will not stop going after something until she has it,” Brooke said. “Whether it’s a job, trip or gift for someone’s birthday, it does not matter.”

No matter what it is, Jennifer is going to be dedicated and put forth maximum effort toward whatever she is doing. She shows so much heart and compassion, and this heart and compassion has rubbed off on Brooke.

“She has taught me the importance of setting goals for myself and doing everything I can to reach them,” Brooke said. “She also has taught me to not be afraid to try things. Thanks to her, I have been lucky enough to travel to so many places, explore different cultures and do crazy things I’ve never been able to do before.”

others firstWhen you have a fun-spirited individual like Jennifer in your life, you are going to be well-traveled, and you are going to experience new things you never thought you would experience.

Traveling is truly one of Jennifer’s big passions, and Mike thinks it is because she gets to see how other people live their lives and gain more appreciation for the life she has as well.

“I think she enjoys traveling because it exposes different cultures to her,” he said. “It’s about talking to people and seeing things; gaining experiences. She truly loves all the different experiences.”

That comes as no surprise to anyone, as Jennifer is someone who has a genuine love for people. She cares so much about everyone all around her, and she respects everyone.

“She loves to know everything about everyone, in the best possible way,” Brooke said. “She wants to know your passions in life, favorite food and favorite color. She loves getting little gifts for people just because, ‘Oh, I saw this and it reminded me of you.’ She never asks for anything in return. And if you need help, she’s bound to answer the call.”

Jennifer is truly genuine, and people know they can count on her. She is always there, and she is always willing to help out anyone in need. She is an amazing woman, and she is certainly an amazing wife to Mike.

Mike just wants her to remember that, no matter what he says or what he is doing, he never means to make his wife feel like anything less than his number one priority. He appreciates everything about her, and he is beyond grateful for her.

“She feels second, and I don’t want her to feel that way,” Mike said. “She doesn’t get the credit she deserves. However, no matter what I’m doing and no matter where I’m at, I always look forward to waking up next to you, Jennifer.”

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