‘I Couldn’t Do It Without You’

On October 30, 1977, this world was blessed by the birth of a truly amazing woman.

This woman? Elizabeth Rollins.

Turning the swift age of 45 today, Elizabeth is celebrated by all her family and friends because she is one of the kindest, most caring souls on earth. Her husband, Jeffery, has not had a day go by where he is not thankful for his wife, and he is glad that she decided to say, “I do” to him more than 20 years ago.

“Elizabeth has always put other people first throughout our 20 years of marriage and throughout her whole entire life,” Jeffery said. “She has such a bubbly personality with a beautiful smile that lights up the room and makes other people want to be next to her. She’s an amazing loving mother and wife even when it’s not convenient at all for her. She will do whatever it takes to help out others and put others before herself.”

Elizabeth is a very selfless individual who wants what is best for others. She has a huge heart and always does things with a big smile on her face, and she is the most outgoing, optimistic person Jeffery has ever met. She cares deeply for others, and her favorite thing in the world is spending time with people.

Elizabeth is also an elementary school teacher, and a great one at that. Her students look up to her and appreciate her, as do so many others all around her.

“Elizabeth loves spending her free time with her family and friends,” Jeffery said. “She is a social butterfly who loves everybody due to the amount of kindness she has in her heart. Her favorite hobby is watching soccer, especially when Brazil is playing in the World Cup. Nothing makes her happier than watching Brazil playing soccer in the World Cup with her closest friends and family members.”

Getting to do things with the people she loves most is what makes Elizabeth tick, and it is one of the many reasons why Jeffery fell in love with her over 20 years ago.

He also has had the pleasure of watching her in action as a mother for over 20 years. She has raised two amazing daughters to become amazing young teenage women, and one has even followed in Jeffery’s footsteps by serving in the Armed Forces.

“Nobody’s mother was a bigger supporter or more excited than Liz when it came to school functions, parades, dress up days or events,” Jeffery said. “Liz would spend all day and night making sure that the kids were happy, proud and as ready as they could be for their respective school activities.”

Jeffery knows both his daughters are the spectacular children they are because of having a great role model in Elizabeth, and he is proud to call her his wife.

She has held down the fort at home with excellence 24/7/365, and his favorite part of every time I would come back home has always been coming home to her smiling face. She is a truly one of a kind woman who he is grateful for, and he is happy to be celebrating another trip around the sun with her.

“I just want my wife to really know how much I love and appreciate her, and all that she has done for me and our children over the last 20 years. The best thing that ever happened to me happened on August 10, 2002, when she was kind enough to marry me and make me the happiest man alive.” – Jeffery

I couldn't do it without you

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