‘There Is Nothing We Can’t Get Through Together’

Who says high school yearbook senior superlatives are just a popularity contest?

If you ask Nick and Michelle Cucolo, they will tell you it was a foreshadowing of their future to have won “Cutest Couple” in their senior yearbook. While most couples who win that superlative wind up breaking up, the Cucolos did not let that fad deter the love they have for one another. They dated for 10 years before getting married, and in those 10 years they learned so much about each other, including how to love.

“We met in ninth grade and finally started dating in 10th,” Nick said. “Even though it took us a year to finally start dating, I always knew she was the one for me. I knew she was the one when she and I spent the entire high school football game walking around the track just talking. We shared a lot of laughs and conversation with her just came so naturally.”

Michelle is just a true joy to be around, and Nick certainly loves spending time with her. She is a wonderful person who makes life easy. She is just a special soul.

She also has a great personality, and it is a personality that Nicholas has always been drawn to. She does everything with heart and compassion, and she is truly a one of a kind woman.

“What are some of the things I admire about my wife?

Her hard work.

Her drive.

Her passion.

Her selflessness.

Her love she has for her family and her drive to be the best wife and mother,” Nick said.

In everything Michelle does, she gives 110 percent. She never settles for second best, and there is not a challenge she cannot face with the utmost success.

Nick says it is a joy to watch her grow every day, especially in her job as a kindergarten teacher. 

“Michelle is the hardest working person I know,” Nick said. “She is a kindergarten teacher who is so passionate about her profession and loves what she does.” He knows those students could not ask for a better teacher. 

The heart Michelle has for everything she does is amazing. Seeing her as a kindergarten teacher in particular is special to Nick, but seeing her as a mother always takes the cake.

They have two young sons, Mason (5) and Dylan (1), and there is not a single thing Michelle would not do for them. Nicholas even says Mason and Dylan’s faces light up when Mommy gets home, and being a mother is part of her natural element.

“She is the best and most caring wife and mother,” Nick said. “Our two boys and I are lucky to have her.”

Those two boys are blessed to have such a caring and nurturing mother, and Nick knows he could not ask for anyone better to be raising his sons.

 “She puts our children above everything,” Nick added. “Being a teacher she naturally loves children. However, our two boys are her world.”

It should not be surprising either, as Michelle has always been a family woman. In the almost 20 years of knowing one another, Nicholas has always seen a sparkle in her eye when it came to the element of starting their own family. Michelle would do anything to spend all her time with her family, and Nicholas loves seeing this.

“She likes to spend time with family,” he said. “We live on Long Island, so we spend a lot of time at the beach or in our backyard oasis. Family time is very important to us.”

Michelle is just a people person overall, and it is easy to see what Nick sees in her. He has loved her for close to two decades, and he is looking forward to loving her for many decades more. She is his everything, and he does not even want to begin to imagine what life would look like without her.

“I want her to know how much I love and respect her. I want her to know how much she means to me and our two boys. She is always moving and never has much time to herself to just relax. However she never complains that she is tired. She is the strongest person I have ever met, and she and I can get through everything together!”

there is nothing we can't get through together

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