Leaving It All On The Field: Jack Klett and Major League Fatherhood

As a devoted husband and a father of three, it may sometimes seem as though Jack Klett does not get the recognition he always deserves, but his sons all want him to know that he is not under-appreciated.

As a matter of fact, Jack, Ryan and Kevin all speak so highly of their father that it is puzzling to think about how he has never had any sort of profile done on him before in his life. Jack is such a loving and caring husband and father who would do anything for the people he cares most about, and his sons are glad they are the benefactors of his ability to teach and show them the way of life.

“Me and my two brothers have grown exponentially close to my father as we’ve gotten older, and after starting to realize just how much he sacrificed and did for us – and how important his family is to him – we wanted to do something that let him know how much he means to us,” Kevin said.

When you have a conversation with any of Jack’s three boys, you can only wish as though you would have the opportunity to meet him at some point in your life. He has taught his sons so many life lessons and has always been a role model to them, and they are constantly looking up to this wonderful man they get to call their father.

“My dad is the most important person in my life,” Ryan said. “We talk every day about sports and life. He continues to help guide me through the good and the bad times. He means so much to me that I would consider moving close to him if the opportunity arises, although I would never tell him that.”

Jack… pretend like you did not hear that last part.

But in all seriousness, the fondness and appreciation your boys have for you is something that is out of a storybook.

Jack is truly loved by his three sons, and they all know that he loves them back and much more.

They also know that he is someone who is appreciated by all the people around him. He makes an impact in so many people’s lives, and Jack is really just getting started.

“My favorite qualities are his sense of humor,” Kevin said. “I think it’s so funny whenever he messes with one of us or pokes fun at us for something. I also enjoy his love for his family and the unique connection he’s made with each of his kids – we all have our own, different relationship with him. And lastly, how he’s always stylin’.”

When you look good, you feel good, and I’m sure this is something Jack learned early on in life and has never wanted to let go of, just like his sense of humor.

“He is always willing to laugh and joke around, and is very relatable to a lot of people that he meets,” Ryan said. “He has been all over the country in his time in the Navy, yet he is a blue-collared man with a family that he loves. He always treats his friends like they are family.”

Jack gets along with anyone and everyone, and he is not afraid to let his friends into his personal life. He cares so much about them and treats them with nothing short of love and respect.

Jack is also someone who lives his life by example. He has always been the father he wants to see his boys become, and that is just one of the many things that makes him who he is.

“His favorite hobby is his kids,” Kevin said. “Whenever we mention something we might need, he spends all his free time working up a solution. He stays invested in us and what we’re up to. He also enjoys watching old tv shows and sports, quoting movies and shows he shares with his kids, taking care of his house and yard, tormenting my mom, and putting his feet up and enjoying a modestly-tasting Budweiser.”

Jack is always there for his wife and sons, and he is well-respected by everyone… even if his taste in beer is a little suspect.

At the end of the day, however, he is looked up to as a man who is involved in the lives of his loved ones and someone who just enjoys life. His sons hope they can get at least somewhere close to being the loving and devoted man he has always been toward them.

“My dad has shown my brothers and me the value of personal growth and love of family,” Jack said. “Through his example, he has taught us that one does not need to be anchored by the past. We can change and grow. We can continue to learn and adapt and adjust. And that through it all, love of family is what makes change and personal development so important and necessary.”

The past is in the past, and instead of letting it define you, you should use it to help shape your future. This is exactly what Jack has always done and what he has always taught the people in his life who want to listen.

“He’s taught me to follow through on promises and commitments,” Kevin said. “He’s taught me that if you want something, you have to work for it. He’s taught me to take control of the things that are important to me. He’s taught me to stand up for what’s right and not to be afraid if that makes you an outcast at times. And most importantly, he’s shown me how to do all of this.”

Jack’s work ethic has always been second to none, and that is why it is something all three of his children harped on when talking about him.

“He has instilled in me my work ethic and the meaning of sacrifice,” Ryan said. “Growing up, I watched him drive 45 minutes one way to work so he wouldn’t have to uproot and move the family. He would wake up very early in the morning so he could get home at a decent time, and in the little free time he had, he would spend it coaching my younger brother and me.”

Not bad for a Navy vet from New Jersey. Jack is selfless beyond belief and is someone who knows what it means to truly provide for your family while also being there for them 24/7.

Jack is an amazing human who we could all learn a thing or two from, as he is family-oriented and a hard and diligent worker.

“Like all of us, my dad is a product of his life experience, and he is also a product of the love he has for his family,” Jack said. “He has also benefited from the presence and influence of his loving wife, my wonderful stepmother, Karen. I think my dad’s love for his family has made him make tremendous sacrifices. He should know those sacrifices are not unnoticed and his willingness to make them is incredibly appreciated.”

The world is lacking Jack Kletts, as he is a truly special and one of a kind man.

His wife and children are so grateful for him, and they are glad they get to celebrate such a devoted man each and every day. He makes their world go round, and he is a precious soul.

“I would like him to know that he means more to me than I could ever express to him. I am so grateful to have had the childhood I did, and I’m so blessed to have the relationship with him that I currently do. My favorite moments are whenever he and my mom come to visit – or when I get to visit with them. I love him.” – Kevin

“Thanks for loving us the way you do; for allowing us the space to be who we are; for letting us know you are there for us.” – Jack

leaving it all on the field

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