Our Compass: Kimberly Cooper is the bedrock of her family and a supportive and ‘super hot’ wife to Stefan

When Stefan Cooper says he finds his wife, Kimberly, more attractive today than the day they met, he absolutely means it. Kimberly’s defiance of age is a marvel of modern science and also just the tip of a beautiful iceberg in that so many of her shining qualities still exist below the surface.

Kimberly is a dedicated wife to Stefan, a hard-working mother to Evan (14) and Ryan (8), and an exec-turned-mom whose considerable skills and passion are what keeps her family thriving. She plans their days, handles school duties, books their vacations and is hands-on with the kids’ love of hockey to the point where she plays, too.

“She’s a good-hearted person and the moral compass of the family,” Stefan said. “We rely on her to keep us grounded, and not selfish and to think about others. When I met her, she made me want to be a better man. I like to say that, if it wasn’t for her, I’d probably be dead by now.”

Stefan is very much alive and at a place in his life that he might have never imagined before he met Kimberly in the office they shared. He was at a point then where he only had to think of himself, which has evolved, thanks in large part to the fact that Kimberly sets such an incredible example in their home. 

They were both working at NASDAQ when Stefan first caught a glimpse of Kimberly walking through the office. He noticed her for obvious reasons — “I remember going, ‘Damn, this chick is smoking,’” he says — and they started getting together with mutual friends before their “crazy courtship” began. 

One of the most impactful events in that process was Kimberly asking Stefan to go to a Flyers game, the exact origins of which is a point of contention. 

“She actually asked me out,” Stefan said. “She won’t admit it, though. She said she had no one else to give the ticket and I was her last resort.”

Twenty-plus years later, and hockey is still a shared passion for the entire family. 

Like so much else, Kimberly is the driving force behind the hustle to get Evan and Ryan to practices and games while also keeping the home in pristine condition, making church a priority, and doing the lion’s share of organizing and planning.

A senior executive when she and Stefan met, Kimberly has transferred her work ethic and talent to her roles as a mother and wife. That transition hasn’t always been easy, but it is part of the sacrifice she insisted on making for the family. 

“She does all this without ever complaining,” Stefan said. “She’s keeping us all fed and making sure we have a beautiful home to live in. It’s a happy place to be and a happy place to walk into.”

All the while, Kimberly has supported and encouraged Stefan to make all the moves that have led him to success in his own career. He can travel or work long hours when needed with peace of mind that Kimberly understands and can also hold everything down on the home front. 

Stefan admits how bad he is sometimes at expressing the appreciation he feels for all of it. For the hard work Kimberly puts into her family. For the sacrifices she makes, and the relentless support she gives him.

And that’s all in addition to the uncommon super hotness that continues to blow Stefan’s mind.

“I love her and want to let her know that she makes our world turn,” Stefan said. “Without her, we are lost. She has sacrificed her career for mine and our kids. She sacrifices to take care of her parents. She’s the bedrock of our family.”

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