‘Patient Woman’: Kimberly Schweitzer is the most amazing woman and a loving mother who is always there for her family

There aren’t enough words to describe how special Kimberly Schweitzer is.

Patient, loving, understanding and caring are only a few of the infinite qualities that Kimberly possesses. To her husband, Keith Schweitzer, there are endless reasons why he considers Kimberly an amazing woman.

After meeting at the tavern, “The Bar,” in Wausau, WI through mutual friends, Keith instantly knew that Kimberly was exceptional. “It did not take long to know she was the one,” Keith said.

Living in different places at the time, Keith spent many long car rides back and forth to visit Kimberly. But for him, it was worth it. Time spent with Kimberly is everything to him.

Some of the best times they’ve spent together involve sports, travel trips and fun hang outs, including Brewer games, watching the Bucks play in the NBA championship, spending time at Sluggos and traveling to Disney.

Everything that they do together is an adventure. And Keith is immensely grateful for the past 14 years of extraordinary adventures they that they have already shared.

To Keith, merely watching television together and watching their kids play sports are treasured moments.

Not only does Kimberly know how to have fun, but she is also the rock of the family.

Through tough times during COVID, Kimberly has supported the family and helped the kids, Faylin and Charlie, with virtual school.

“Without her, the family would be in chaos,” Keith said. “My goal is to thank her and show that we appreciate everything she does for our family.”

While a great mother, she is also an incredible wife. She is passionate and forgiving, constantly encouraging Keith to be the best person he can be. “She keeps me in check,” he said.

Keith appreciates how unbelievably understanding Kimberly is and how she always puts up with his antics and shenanigans.

Without her, Keith wouldn’t be the person he is today. “She is my better half,” he said.

There is a brilliance to Kimberly that doesn’t go unnoticed. Being a loving mother and pursuing her favorite hobbies simultaneously continues to inspire Keith.

Going to spin class and taking the dog, Gus, for walks are just a couple of things that Kimberly enjoys doing.

Keith admires how Kimberly elevates herself each day. He was most proud of her when her hard work paid off and she successfully completed a full marathon.

To this day, he laughs about all the times he had to pick her up during her training before she “pooped” her pants. It’s small moments like these that Keith will never forget.

Kimberly is an incredibly loving woman to everyone, and Keith admires her remarkable character every day.

“Myself and the kids do not always say it but we love Kim beyond words. She is the rock of the family and we all adore and admire her.” -Keithpatient woman

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