‘Million-To-One’: All the good times Eric has had with his wife constantly remind him how lucky he is

Those who say that office romances are never a good idea have clearly never met the Martins.

When Eric first met his wife, Brenda, they were these two polar opposite people who worked together, but they say that opposites attract, and boy are they right. As they started to get to know each other, Brenda and Eric started realizing they had feelings for each other, they started dating, and the rest is history.

After meeting as dealers at their local casino, Eric realized pretty much right after their first date that she was the one he wanted to be with. Not many people will cook for you and have you meet their two daughters on the first date, but that is exactly what Brenda did, and that is when Eric knew that she was a truly unique person who was worth spending more and more time with.

“She is a wonderful mother and always has been,” Eric said. “She worked so hard to make sure that she could provide her two daughters with a home for the three of them. No matter how tough the situation was, she always found a way to get by and make the best situation for the family. She worked and worked and then was able to buy a larger house, so that when she gave birth to our daughter, we could all live together. Her daughters have always been her number one priority and she has supported them in every path that they have taken.”

Brenda has always been there for her girls, and this is something that Eric has always admired about her. He realized that she was more than just a great woman with a wonderful personality, but an awesome mother who is there for them through every situation.

Being a great mother is just one of the many great qualities Brenda possesses, however, as she is someone with such great character and who perseveres through everything. She can achieve anything she sets her mind to, and she puts forth 100 percent effort day in and day out.

“Everything makes her special,” Eric said. “Brenda is a very hard worker that is dedicated to achieving her goals. It does not matter how difficult things are, she makes it work. She is always willing to help others, support others and make sure she is there when needed. She gives unconditional love and realizes that people need support. Brenda is there to give support and give a shoulder to lean on.”

On top of being a hard worker and a goal-setter – she is currently working on becoming a paramedic – Brenda is also a selfless, loving individual. She is always there for the people all around her, and Eric is grateful for all that she has helped him get through as well.

He could not imagine a better wife by his side, and he is thankful for her every single day.

“Brenda has always stuck by my side,” he said. “She has given me unconditional love and been there when I needed support. Brenda has stayed by my side through all of my physical issues and my mental issues. She is caring, loving, dependable, supportive and trustworthy.”

What started off as two people working to make ends meet at a casino has turned into a lifetime of happiness and laughter, and this couple has shown what true love looks like. Eric would do anything to make his wife happy, and he is glad he has her in his corner.

“I am more than grateful that fate brought us together,” he said. “There have been some bad times, but the great times outweigh them a million to one. Thank you for sticking with me through all of the hiccups that life has dealt us. Your unconditional love is so strong, and we have bonded more than ever. I will always support you the way that you support me.”million-to-one

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