‘The Best Mom’: If you ask Annette’s sons and grandkids, they will tell you she is the most amazing, loving woman in the world

There are many special moms out there, but there are probably not too many who are quite as special as Annette Romano.

When her son, Ron, talks about Annette, he talks about how she has always been there for his brother, Mike, and him through the good times and the bad. From helping Ron throughout the entirety of his divorce to helping Ron and Mike raise her five wonderful grandchildren, there is not a single thing Annette would not do for her family.

“She is generous, caring and always able to help – both financially and mentally,” Ron said.

Life is not all sunshine and roses, but when you have a mother like Annette, you know that you can get through anything. She never gives up on anyone, and she always makes sure that her loved ones come first.

Four years ago, Ron and Mike lost their father to dementia. More than that, though, Annette lost her loving husband of over 46 years to the debilitating disease. But, no matter how difficult things may have gotten, she never gave up hope and she never stopped holding her husband’s hand until the day he passed, and that is something that both her sons take with them and remember every single day of their lives.

“I admire the way she took care of my dad through his declining health with dementia” Ron said.

Ron and Mike saw their loving mother show just how loving a wife she was, and they also now get to see how loving a grandmother she is.

With grandkids ages 16 all the way down to 3, Annette gets to show them all how to treat everyone with love and respect, because that is exactly what she does on a daily basis.

“She is so good to them because of her generosity and her caring spirit,” Ron said.

Annette shows her grandkids what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice of being completely selfless toward friends, family and loved ones, and she shows them what it takes to be a good grandmother as well.

“I would like her to know that my brother and I appreciate everything she does for us and our kids,” Ron said. “Although she is a worrier, we know that all of her motherly suggestions are from the heart and we know that she loves us deeply.”

Annette has never stopped worrying about her sons, even with them both being in their 40s. That’s just who she is and that is what helps set her apart from so many other moms out there.

“She is just a great mom,” Ron said. “Mom worries a little too much, but I guess that’s what moms do.”

Annette may just be a New York woman who married into an Italian family, but she certainly knows what it means to put family first in every situation and to always be supportive of your kids.

If more people loved like Annette does, the world would be a much better place, and Ron and Mike both know this.

“Happy 70th Mom! You have been there for me for all of my twists and turns in life and I love you.” – Ron

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